How To Treat Tricky Summer Ear Infections

You might be at the office; your colleagues are talking, there is music on the background, but you can barely listen to any sound because of your itchy, aching ear. This might be due to an ear infection. If you discover that you are feeling pain in your ear, it might be a good idea to go to the ER for a checkup. Alternatively, other remedies can be used at home which we are going to look at.

There are two forms of ear infections:

One is the inflammation that occurs in the ear canal which is called swimmers ear. It happens abruptly but most often occurs after taking a bath or after a swim.

The second one is a result of the fluid that is located behind the eardrum. The pain originates from elevated pressure on the eardrum.

How to treat swimmers ear

When you start experiencing itchiness, pain, and drainage from the ear, you can go to the ENT specialist for treatment. An ENT specialist will assess and diagnose the ear infection and recommend a medication like Ciprodex. When you go to the pharmacy, ensure that you check the ciprodex price and choose the option that fits your budget.

Alternatively, if you experience the first signs of swimmer?s ear, you can use a half-alcohol and half-vinegar solution placed in an eye drops bottle. Use it once you are out of the pool after your swimming session.

Other ear infection remedies

If you discover that your child?s ear canal is swollen and red, ask if they have been swimming. Check also if they are teething, feeling cold or they are just feeling pain and discomfort.

For a home remedy, head to the kitchen and grab an onion. Place half of the onion over the child?s ear or squeeze the onion juice and place a few drops in the ear. Onions have strong antiviral or antibiotic properties, together with some anti-fungal properties.OMEGA 50+

They also contain natural anti-inflammatory properties which makes them a good remedy for ear infections. Onions are effective for both kinds for ear infections.

Onion Juice


It is a quick and effective treatment for ear infections.


It is tricky to extract the juice because onions are not that juicy and you don?t want to have pulp going into the ear.

How to extract onion juice

Cut one end of the onion and hold the onion on one side.

  • Use the spoon’s tip to scrape the newly cut end until a few drops of onion juice start to come out.
  • Once you have a few drops, have the patient lie on one side with the hurting ear right in front of you, and drip the juice in the ear.

An alternative ear infection remedy method

If a time comes and you feel that you have some water in your ear, use this method.

  • Warm some onion but do not burn the onions.
  • Hold the ear right above the warming onions for the vapor to be effective.
  • Hold in place for a few minutes.
  • If your skin or ear turns red its fine; onions are a rubefacient – they pull the blood flow to the skin?s surface.

To learn more about how onions are a good ear problem remedy, check out this link.

A great tool for treating ears at home

It is hard to treat ear pain at home. But to help you do that, you can purchase an otoscope like the ones used by doctors. You will have to take some time before you understand how it works, but it is a great tool to use. You can use it for ear checks, inspecting the ear, the throat and other places where kid’s might hide grains.

Special note

Avoid putting anything in the ear if you experience blood flowing out of the ear. For the common ear infection, if someone is allergic to onions, discontinue using the onion remedy method. You should know that these remedies may not be effective in treating all ear infections, so, visiting a doctor is the best option. Be careful when using home remedies and consult the doctor when necessary.

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