How to Make the Most Out of Your Morning Routine (and Why You Really Should)

If you ever follow anybody who’s somebody or highly successful entrepreneurs, you’ll notice that most of them have a strict morning routine they follow. And they tend to take it very seriously. For many, the morning is the only time they truly have for themselves for the whole day and the perfect time to start the day fresh. Let’s take a look at how you can establish a morning routine, and why it should be a priority.

The Perfect Time to Plan and Strategize

If you like to make the most out of your day, then you should start making the most out of your mornings. This is probably the only moment you’ll have to enjoy some peace and quiet. You could get up a little earlier and start drafting a plan of attack for the day. Or you could use this time for some meditation or self-reflection. Take advantage of the morning to focus on you and only you.

Your Brain Likes Routine

While we all like some surprise and spontaneity from time to time, having a set morning routine allows you to ease your cognitive load and go on autopilot. Each decision you make drains some of your energy, and the morning is when you need it the most. The less mental energy you use up in the morning, the more you’ll have for the rest of the day.

Boosts Productivity

But probably the biggest benefit of having a strict morning routine is productivity. Doing some exercise in the morning, for instance, is a great way to oxygenate your blood, which clears up your thoughts. Follow that with a great meal full of protein, a bit of sugar, and maybe a nice espresso and you’re ready to tackle the day.

If making coffee in the morning is too time-consuming for you, we strongly suggest you get yourself a Nespresso coffee machine. These are extremely useful and will brew you an individual cup of coffee in minutes. You can also easily order capsules for your Nespresso online and find tons of great different coffee types, strengths, and flavors depending on your preference.

How to Set Up a Morning Routine

Now that we established why you should adopt a morning routine, let’s look at how to establish one. First, you shouldn’t copy someone else’s morning routine. Everybody has different life situations, occupations, obligations, etc. So, you have to make sure that the routine works for you first and foremost.

Ideally, you should start your day with some sort of physical activity. This could be as simple as warming up and loosening up your muscles with some yoga poses or a foam roller. You could follow that with some moderate or intense activity if you can handle it. Make sure that you’re properly hydrated before, during, and after your exercise session.

You should then make sure that you fill your body with the proper fuel. Make sure that you take plenty of slow-releasing complex carbs that will give you long-lasting energy, such as wholegrain bread or cereals. Protein is also essential for concentration.

If you’re self-employed, this is a great time to write a plan for the day. Also, review your day before, and check if there was any unfinished business. If you’re a worker, then start by listening or watching something you like. You could listen to a podcast while you’re getting and continue while you’re commuting to work, for instance. This will help lift your spirits and start your day on a good note.


If morning routines are good enough for the rich, famous, and powerful, then they’re good enough for you. Just remember to come up with a routine you’ll actually be able to follow and take baby steps.

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