How to Choose High-Quality CBD Oil

Nowadays, CBD oil has gotten more attention than ever. Its numerous health benefits helped thousands of patients all over the world. Thus, more and more people got interested in the oil, as they want to turn to alternative treatments, which are neither addictive nor harmful, contrary to traditional drugs.

The majority of people buy CBD oil online. It is very convenient, as you can easily find a high-quality product, produced in strictly regulated conditions. However, that also increases the number of fake companies or those which opt for cheapest and toxic manufacturing procedures.

Websites covering topics about fitness and natural remedies such as iSum, Leafly, Healthline etc. also commonly feature CBD-related content to educate consumers before making their purchase decisions. The general public commonly isn’t aware of all the factors that determine the quality of CBD oil.

Furthermore, detecting a fake company can be hard especially if they have flashy and appealing advertisements. Therefore, it is essential to know what to look for exactly when choosing a brand of CBD oil.


There are a few things you should consider when buying CBD oil. The first of them is the extraction method. There are various techniques manufacturers use to extract CBD from the cannabis plant. Not all of these methods provide CBD oil that is beneficial and risk-free. For example, it is relatively common that companies try to save money on extraction.

Thus, they will use methods that include toxic compounds such as butane, hexane, and propane. Although they might tell you that these toxins don?t reach the end user, a high number of medical experts state otherwise. According to them, this method can cause a lot of health issues to the user, including respiratory and cardiac problems.

On the other hand, the Supercritical CO2 extraction ensures high quality of the end product. It is more expensive than the procedure mentioned above. The higher price is a result of a complicated extracting process and the pricey equipment it requires. However, if you buy this product, you’ll get the best results while also avoiding getting in contact with any toxic solvents.


The quality of CBD oil also depends on its source. If you?re planning to buy CBD oil online, you should check for additional information on the brand’s website. Some of the questions you could ask are where and how their hemp was grown and what cannabis species they used. The type and quality of soil, climate, and other relevant information should all be available on the manufacturer?s website.

European countries have the strictest regulation of organic hemp standards. Thus, choosing the companies that get their cannabinoids in Europe would be a safe bet. Their products are more likely to be natural and made from hemp not contaminated by pesticides and heavy metals.

?The eventual birth of our company stemmed from our shared dilemma of looking for the best and effective herbal products or medicine that is available, and we had to admit before all this ? it was hard. The moment came after us when we realized that we have the best group of people, with varying degrees of expertise and connections to put up an organization with our backbone statement ?The ultimate natural products sourced for, and made by its very users.? explains Freddie Lee, co-founder of Natruva, a company specialized in CBD products.

Cannabis genotype also plays a significant role in the effects of the CBD oil. However, there is no ?one size fits all? solution. You should pick the species that best suit your specific needs.


Not all CBD oils have the same amount of actual CBD in them. Moreover, some oils were sold as high-quality oils, yet research showed they had zero percent of CBD. Therefore, you must make sure you buy a product that has at least four parts CBD to 1 part THC.

To ensure that the CBD dosage stated on the bottle equals the strength of the active CBD, buy from a trustworthy provider. Brands which disclose their manufacturing process will most likely offer products with the highest bioavailability.

In the end, to ensure you will get the best product, buy from the brands that sell their CBD legally. Their extraction method, sources, and bioavailability should all be transparent. You might pay a bit more for their products, but the high standard of production is crucial to get the most out of your CBD oil treatment.

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