How Sustainability Projects are Changing The World

A Green Tomorrow

We have seen it everywhere, on social media posts, in newspapers, even on television. The world has a strong desire to go greener. People have seen the kind of devastation that humanity has inflicted on the planet through ignorance, greed, and poor planning. That is why there have been many efforts lately by individuals, corporations, and governments all around the world rallying around one cause, a more sustainable future.

This new green mentality is catching wildfire, and creating hope where there once was very little. Cities all over the world are going green, putting together sustainability projects that mean a brighter tomorrow for the ones we leave our world to. Believe it or not, you too can get involved. Every individual action can help change the world.

Healthier You Healthier World

This may surprise many, but what you eat has a powerful impact on the environment. That is right, one of the most unseen problems we have in society revolve around food and our diet. First of all, around 40% of the food produced in the U.S. alone has to be thrown away. That is a lot of waste, especially considering how much energy has to be put into food production.

It takes thousands of acres to produce enough food for a population. Factor in things like water, fertilizer, farm hands, equipment, and pesticides, we are talking about a lot of effort and a lot of land. Forests are cut down daily for agriculture. This is especially true in animal agriculture. Meat and dairy are especially taxing to produce because you have to feed and water plants, which you then feed to the animals, who also need water, and land. This doubles and often triples the cost of production, and requires a lot more land.

Animal products and processed foods are also very detrimental to your health, and it often means medical complications later in life. The pharmaceutical and other industries combating these illnesses pump more toxins in the environment. That is why eating well and staying healthy actually helps the planet to stay healthy as well. That is why you should be the change you wish to see in the world.

An Interesting Program

Managing your own health can lead to a healthier world, especially with all of the new sustainability programs coming out. One particularly clever program is about getting fit to save the planet. Companies have been trying to come up with ways to improve the environment for years, and now they have.

There are now sustainability gyms that produce electricity by harnessing the power of people working out. That?s right, you can go to these gyms and provide clean energy to your community just by sculpting your body. Those that like to run on an elliptical, or lift weights on a machine can convert that physical energy into electric energy, and make themselves and the planet last longer.

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