Healthy Snacking Habits for a Productive Work Day

A lot of people snack to curb their mid-morning hunger. Others do it to help them lose weight. But what we don?t often talk about is how healthy snacking can keep us productive at work. What we eat, how much we eat, and how we do it, can affect the way we function whether we realize it or not. It?s no secret that sustaining a high level of energy and concentration at work can be a real challenge.

So today, we?re going to talk about how you can transform an important activity of your day in a way that benefits your daily performance: Snacking. Without further ado, here are the right snacking habits you need to build.

Say No to Junk Food

Do you know what makes junk food a bad snack? Trans fat. Those cheeseburgers, fries, and cakes may be cheaper, more convenient options but they deplete your energy faster than you realize. These kinds of foods are on the high glycemic index which means that they overload your body with glucose!

Your brain might get active for a while but you?ll crash and burn within an hour. If you?re frequently feeling sluggish during the day, blame it on junk foods.

Be a Grazer

A grazer is someone who consumes small snacks at irregular intervals throughout the day to keep hunger off. Grazing is a healthy snacking habit in the sense that it supplies you with constant, smaller amounts of glucose so that your brain functions well.

As science tells us, the brain mainly relies on glucose for it to think right, maintain a high level of focus, and perform learning and memory tasks. To maintain productivity through grazing, have something available with you like a pack of mixed nuts or a piece of fruit.

Make Healthy Snacks Highly Accessible

Whether you are working from home or at the office, never make your current work location an excuse to munch on something unhealthy! Have nutritious snacks readily available on your desk, within your line of vision.

Doing this prevents you from thinking about what to get at the vending machine when you?re hungry. Examples of these snacks are citrus fruits, bananas, and vegetable salad. According to HBR, workers who consume more fruits and vegetables are happier and more creative.

Plan What to Snack on

Regular meals aren?t the only ones that deserve planning. Your snacks do, too. Planning your snacks allows you to make healthier choices by matching your foods with your personal goals. Since your goal is to be more productive at work, make a list of snacks that are rich in protein.

The amino acids found in protein maximizes your brain power by keeping it focused. Not only that, protein consumption leads to fullness so you don?t get distracted at work due to untimely hunger.

Eat Whole, Low-Density Snacks

Healthy and productive people have one thing in common: They stay away from processed snacks and choose the ones that are natural, high in fiber, and low in calories. These whole, low-density options include fruits and vegetables.

Since these snacks add bulk to your diet and promote a better digestion, you?ll have fewer cravings and hunger pangs. This allows you to maintain a positive mood and become less distracted. Consider delicious ideas like baby carrots, strawberries, edamame beans, and bananas.

Over to You

Are you ready to snack correctly to have a more productive work week? The next time to you decide to munch on a treat, consider these healthy habits so that you stay on top of your deadlines and professional goals. Don?t be led astray.

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