How Healthcare Administration is Changing in 2017

When we think of healthcare, we think of the fantastic work of doctors and nurses. But, there is a lot more to it than this. Healthcare administrators, practice managers, and assistants play an enormous role in the success of our healthcare system. Without these employees, healthcare would be chaos. Currently, healthcare administration is in a period of huge change, with technology playing a much bigger role than ever before in administrative practices. Here is what’s going on with healthcare administration in 2017.

Electronic Healthcare Records

Electronic healthcare records are being slowly integrated into all areas of healthcare. There are many advantages of using electronic records. Some of these include:

  • They take up less space than paper records
  • They are more accurate
  • Less room for human error
  • Healthcare professionals in different settings have access to patients records
  • Communication between departments is easier
  • Increased safety and security
  • They offer a clear and structured treatment timeline
  • Easy and quick access
  • More reliable prescribing
  • Easier to spot patterns in symptoms or problems with medication
  • Easier, more efficient billing systems
  • Helps improve staff productivity
  • Reduced costs

As you can see there are a lot of advantages. However, while the systems are experiencing a period of change it’s the job of healthcare administrators to make sure everything runs smoothly, staff are fully trained, and the conversion to the new systems is seamless. If you are interested in getting involved, consider an online masters in health administration.

Social Media

Social media is being used a lot more in the healthcare sector, especially by smaller healthcare practices. Practice administrators and managers set up social media profiles and use them to communicate with patients. They can pass on information, ask for feedback, give healthcare advice and tips, and build relationships. Practices also use social media to sell themselves. Social media marketing is a fantastic way to reach new patients without paying for an expensive marketing campaign or team.

Relationship Management

If you have studied an online MHA degree you would be well qualified to deal with relationship management. This involves communicating with doctors, patients, the government and community staff. Relationship management is evolving with the development of online systems in healthcare and administrators are at the forefront of these changes.


Healthcare administrators play a role in looking after the finances, the wider healthcare community, and any monetary concerns of their patients. To do this they need to be fully aware of changing legislation, allowances, health insurance laws, and other regulations. This side of the job is subject to constant change.


Hospital and practice staff have always been subject to threats and abuse from angry patients, but the modern world has seen a new kind of security issue administrators need to know about. Now that healthcare is so reliant on the internet and technology, cyber security training is a must for all administrators.

Where once healthcare administration was all about the running of a practice and record keeping, now it is a role that includes many different aspects. This makes it a challenging and rewarding career path, full of opportunities to learn new skills and discover new techniques.

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