Health Risk Factors You?ll Wait to Avoid this Holiday Season

What is meant to be the happiest time of year can quickly become the unhealthiest. The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend with those you love as you share laughs and create memories over a great meal, drinks, gifts, and fun. However, for some people, the holiday season brings about stress and pressures that put their health at risk. From overspending to overeating, below are the top health risks during the holidays and solutions on how to stay healthy and safe.


One of the biggest issues adults have during the holidays is spending money. Trying to make their budget stretch far enough to get gifts for all their family members and friends, can be stressful. Essentially, they overspend which leaves them in debt around the holidays. The stress of financial debt can lead to a multitude of emotional issues including anxiety and depression.

Set a budget and stick to it. Find creative ways to make gifts for those you can?t afford to purchase them for. More importantly, keep in mind that the holidays are about the time you share together, not necessarily the price tag on a gift you purchased. If you?re feeling burned out or particularly stressed, stop, take a break, and do something that makes you smile and brings you back to your center.

Temptations to Drink

From parties in the workplace to being invited to the home of your friends and family there is bound to be alcohol somewhere around. Whether you suffer from alcohol addiction or not, it is important to be mindful of how much you?re ingesting. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to adverse health effects including dependency and addiction. Not to mention, a drunken night out can result in an accident on the way home.

If alcohol is offered, drink in moderation but don?t over-indulge. If you plan on getting ?wasted? at an event, consider a?low cost interlock?device to install on your car. Complete with a compact breathalyzer, you can easily blow into the device to determine if it?s safe for you to drive. If you?re above the legal limit, your car won?t start so you?re not tempted to put yourself or others at risk. If you?re suffering from alcohol addiction, however, staying clear of events where alcohol will be is advised. Or take someone along with you who knows your journey and will prevent you from wanting to drink.


There are so much food and sweet treats around the holidays that you can indulge in, that overeating is very easy to do. Gorging on rich holiday foods and delicious desserts, however, can backfire.?Overeating?can lead to bloating, gas, heartburn, indigestion, and even weight gain. Though it might be hard to steer clear of all the food being offered to you, there are solutions to staying healthy.

Since food is a given at holiday functions, the best way to combat overeating is to make sure that you?re making smart food choices. Try eating foods that are healthier for you like fruits, lean meats, nuts, and healthy snacks. Though skipping breakfast and lunch to save room for the holiday dinner might seem like the right thing to do, it?s a surefire way to start eating everything in sight. Instead, stick to your normal eating schedule so you?re not persuaded to eat more than your tummy can handle.

Who knew the holidays could be so unhealthy? Though a great time of year for many people, when you?re not mindful, you could end up falling prey to one of the above-mentioned risk factors. Be mindful of?your spending?to minimize stress, minimize your alcohol consumption and play it safe on the road, and lastly, stick to a regular eating schedule and make smart food choices to ensure you don?t overeat. Other than that, be merry, have fun, and create memories with the ones you love.

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