Health Benefits of Using a Marijuana Vaporizer During Pregnancy

In recent years, using a marijuana vaporizer has become more and more common in the treatment of a wide range of areas. Ranging from pain relief for chemotherapy patients or children suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a particular form of epilepsy that affects children with very few effective treatments. Clearly there is great scope for the benefits of marijuana.

Vaping marijuana in particular has gained popularity among patients because it emits pure vapor and is easier on the lungs. Also, the vaping process itself removes all the carcinogens? or harmful chemicals found in smoke.

While it?s true that the consumption of marijuana in all forms can be controversial even at the best of times. But with countries like the U.S. and Canada becoming more liberal in their legislation there has been a shift in popular opinion concerning our favorite drug. One topic, however, that has become the subject of a truly divisive debate is on the use of marijuana vaporizer during pregnancy. But before we completely dismiss it, let?s discuss it.

Medical Marijuana and Regular Marijuana?

When talking about marijuana it?s important that we know exactly what we?re dealing with. Firstly you should talk to your doctor before ingesting marijuana while pregnant as there is a significant difference between medical marijuana and the marijuana you might get from a regular dealer. This comes down to a component called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly called THC. This can be understood as the part of the marijuana plant that gets you ?high? and is likely the kind you?d usually get.

Medical marijuana is a different variety. Known as CBD (cannabidiol) this is the substance you might know used to treat cancer patients. It doesn?t contain any THC. What it does offer, however, is pain relief to inflamed joints and muscles. Even athletes are now using CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory, for muscle and joint pain and for dealing with the anxiety that comes with competitive pressure.

Vaping vs. Smoking

In the studies done on newborn children the negative effects were largely due to harmful carcinogens and tar present when smoking tobacco. For this reason marijuana vaping is much safer. A good marijuana vaporizer at low temperatures will get rid of up to 95% of the harmful chemicals that are found in regular smoke. The vapor that is left over is easier on your lungs and won?t leave you coughing plus you still get all the benefits of marijuana.

How Can Marijuana Help Pregnant Women?

According to Mary Murry from the Mayo Clinic between fifty and ninety percent of women will experience some level of nausea with or without vomiting during their pregnancy. There are many factors for this whether caused hormonally or just by some unpleasant odours. This doesn?t even mention the range of other ailments that are virtually untreatable that women must suffer through. And unfortunately, due to dangers with regular painkillers, for many of them there is little that can be done. Or is there?

Overcoming Morning Sickness

As we known many women are likely to suffer from morning sickness at some point during their term. With a such a casual sounding name it can be easy to underestimate how debilitating this condition can be for expecting-mothers.

Morning sickness can not only be incapacitating and irritating but also extremely demoralizing for women. It can also be dangerous for the baby if their mother isn?t getting the necessary amount of nutrients. If it?s difficult to keep food down then mothers are unlikely to want to eat. However, through using a marijuana vaporizer some mothers have gained an increased appetite, ability to keep food down and most importantly give their babies the nutrients they need.

Treatment for Nausea

Along with the morning sickness pregnant women can often expect to feel a near constant state of queasiness and nausea. Out in the world there are plenty of sights and smells primed and ready to set off a wave of nausea for most women.

The success of medical marijuana for treating the nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients has long been established. For this reason many women have turned to using a desktop vaporizer when trying to overcome nausea. Smoking can cause coughing and edibles can be difficult to keep down but vaping gives the user pure vapor with no coughing or any of the harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoke.

..and Just General Pain

And finally there is just pain, plain and simple. Women going through pregnancy experience it differently, of course, but there?s no shortage of aches for any of them. Joint pain, muscle tension, abdominal pains, sciatica and a whole list of others can be daily battles to overcome. And because many common painkillers aren?t always suitable for pregnant women they have few options. But marijuana has been proved to be successful in treating the chronic pain relating to arthritis and other inflammation related illnesses. It should be natural to assume it will also be effective in combating pregnancy pains. The anti-inflammatory properties in marijuana can go a long way to helping women deal with the daily doses of discomfort.

So what?s the problem?

If there are so many benefits to using medical marijuana why is there so much objection to it? Perhaps for obvious reasons it?s been difficult to perform any controlled experiment that would involve exposing growing children to potentially harmful toxins but some studies have shown marijuana smoking to result in low birth weights and preterm deliveries. But when the results of those studies were adjusted to account for use of tobacco in conjunction with marijuana it showed little adverse side effect for newborns. The problem has been tobacco not marijuana.

But despite positive indications there are legal implications to think about. When a baby is born if it is tested and shows positive for presence of THC the baby can be taken and placed into custody. Everything in moderation could be seen as the rule here. But remember CBD doesn?t contain THC so using a medical marijuana vaporizer such as crafty vaporizer with your medical marijuana is the optimum way to get the full benefits of marijuana.

What about the Future?

Judging by the increasing popularity of marijuana to treat other ailments there?s no doubt that it being used to combat the various discomforts associated with pregnancy will also become more popular. The question remains though regarding if and when there will be any controlled studies done that could unequivocally state the positive benefits of marijuana use during pregnancy. If was shown that there was no adverse effect on children then more women across the world could rest a little easier.

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