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Researchers have revealed that gut health is crucial to our overall health. Your gut influences everything from your immune system to digestion and even your brain. Therefore, keeping your gut healthy is highly important. An unhealthy gut is associated with a wide range of health problems ranging from skin issues to hormonal imbalance, anxiety to diabetes, and even depression and various other issues. To keep your gut healthy, it is important to understand key signs of an unhealthy gut and how you can get your gut back on a healthy track.

In many ways, your gut bacteria has a big impact on many aspects of our health. In the past few years research has looked more closely at how this enormous system of organisms influences—and even improves—health conditions, from heart disease to arthritis to cancer. But understanding how the gut microbiota works, and how you may benefit, can be daunting.

This is a new frontier of medicine, and many are looking at the gut microbiota as an additional organ system. It’s most important to the health of our gastrointestinal system, but may have even more far-reaching effects on our well-being.

What does all this mean? Should you even be concerned about your gut microbiota? A healthy gut microbiota is still important for health. Anything that can feed good bacteria and keep them plentiful is good for overall health. When the gut is happy, you are happy.