What Does Power Training Focus On?

Power training routines can be represented by a fairly simple equation: strength + speed = power. To that end, these types of routines typically mix maximum effort with maximum speed that provides a wholly beneficial workout approach that brings a number of advantages to the human body.

These types of exercises generally include activities that combine movement with weights to provide a workout that is effective both for cardio and for resistance training.

The specialized benefits produced by this type of training seem almost endless; but let’s take a look at some of the biggest ways that it targets your body to make improvements:

Increasing Power in the Body

Physiological power can be defined as the way that our body combines speed and strength to perform certain actions and movements. Since power training targets both of these forces in its approach to exercise, it does a great job of developing these types of fitness movements both inside and outside of the workout.

As you train your body becomes accustomed to using these forces together, but also develops each of them independently; making the results all the more noticeable.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Functions

Since power training combines cardio with resistance training, it makes sense that routines also develop the body’s cardiovascular proficiency. This means that while you are building your strength and speed through these routines, you are also growing your overall fitness and endurance. The benefits of this are endless and range from more stamina to a healthier heart and respiratory system.

Improved Reaction Time

Many of the movements conducted in power training workouts by personal trainers require timing, speed and coordination, and as you continue to do them, these factors will improve substantially. This is the reason why this form of exercise is often conducted by professional foot-ballers, it is especially good at developing the type of movements needed to be light on your feet; and good with your hands.

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Increased Calorie Burning

Since power training combines both strength and cardiovascular training, it is incredible effective in terms of burning calories. Using explosive muscle exercises of the type performed in terms of these routines are known to burn calories not only during your workout and while your heart-rate is elevated, but also for up to 24 hours once you have stopped working out.

This type of effective calorie burning generally isn’t found in just cardio or strength training, but only through exercises that combine the two into rigorous workouts such as HIIT training and power training.

More Efficient Movements

Power training routines, when adhered to consistently, are also excellent at increasing the overall efficiency of your movements, both during a workout and outside of the gym.

As you work out, your body will gradually learn to produce more force for movements in a natural way. It will also do this by exerting far less effort, contributing to better strength, coordination and more efficient movements. This means that you will be able to push your goals further while moving ever closer towards them, with better and faster results.


Power training represents just one small facet of the overall world of fitness and having a sound understanding of its principles, mechanics and outcomes will enable you to work more smartly towards your fitness goals.

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