These Are Your Best SARMS for Cutting

Perhaps you were previously told that as a bodybuilder or fitness buff your best way to cut weight was to use steroids –which was quite a potent fat-burning option. But that was years back when that was the only way. Today if you want to cut fat while also building great muscle, you have another powerful choice you can’t afford to ignore: SARMS.

SARMS have completely captivated the athletic and sports community.  But just like steroids, the market is swarmed with different alternatives of SARMS, making your job of picking your best option as confusing as rocket science.

So how do you go about choosing cutting SARMS that is just right for you? In this article, we will discover what SARMS are, go over the options available and narrow down to which are the best SARMS for you and your situation.

Why You Need SARMS

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. That’s a not so friendly name describing their function in such a nice and shortened way, but I will break this down for you.

  • Selector: that means SARMS don’t go for anything, they are much more specific and targeted on what they act on
  • Androgen: Like all other hormones produced by our body, androgens are messenger substances which go round the body telling some parts of the body to do some things or not. Androgens deals with telling some body parts to produce male sex traits, e.g., testosterone (which is an androgen) will signal your voice box to enlarge and so produce deep voice, or cause body muscles to swell, etc.
  • Receptor: remember cells (including muscle cells) have receptors, feelers sticking out from their surface that help them to reach to the outside world and communicate with it, including providing the path for other things to attach to them. Hormones like these receptors a lot because they do their job by attaching to them and getting cells (including muscle cells) to do certain things (like telling the muscle to grow bigger).
  • Modulator: this is just a fancy word for the ability to switch things on or off, it’s like switching gears to get different results. SARMS have this admirable ability to tell different parts of the body to stop or continue to do what they do. The beauty of SARMS, unlike steroids, is that they are selective, targeting only bone or muscle receptors while ignoring others. This is why you get much fewer side effects than steroids.
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Previously you were only stuck with steroids to help you cut that unsightly weight as well as build muscle mass. Steroids did that terribly well, in fact to the point of overkill. Unfortunately, this over the top approach got you awesome as well as terrible results. You got your weight down, and muscle bumped up all right, but you also end up with things like liver trouble, cardiovascular disease, or worst of all, death. Talk of a mixed bag!

In a nutshell, SARMS is a selective modulator that helps you achieve all the benefits of steroids without the baggage that comes with them.  That includes the fact that SARMS, unlike steroids, also come in the form of pills, so no more of those annoying needles or injections to take!

What to Look for in a Good Cutting SARM?

To get yourself a good SARM for cutting, you should settle no less for this:

  • First and foremost, of course, your SARM option should be safe. Your health comes first before anything else
  • It should not only help you cut fat but achieves this goal fast
  • As a bodybuilder, athlete, or someone wanting to improve your physical performance, you want to cut fat but not at the expense of building or retaining muscle mass. A poorly chosen SARM could make you cut both fat and muscle
  • The above are just the bare bones. But why settle only for that? A good cutting SARM should also give you quite a good bit of extras in the form of more benefits. From reducing your chances of diabetes to improving your heart health, there is plenty of other benefits to choose from in your favorite SARM.

So based on this checklist, I have come up with my list of five SARMS which should rank as the best you will ever get from the market.

My Five Top Picks of the Best Cutting SARMS

  1. Cardarine (Also known as GW-501516)

Cardarine is a well-known supplement among the health and fitness community.  Pharmaceutical firms Ligand and GlaxoSmithKline jointly first came up with it in the 1990s, and it showed awesome results when used for health problems like heart or cardiovascular problems.

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Interestingly, Cardarine was long a closely guarded secret until it got out to the athletic community. It really caused an uproar when athletes used it en mass in the 2008 Olympics Games in China leading to the sporting agencies banning it. It still remains very popular in athletics and endurance sports for performance enhancement.

Note that Cardarine is not exactly a SARM even though widely labeled as one.  It’s because its results are so much like SARMS that people think of it also as a SARM. Cardarine is more of a PPAR delta activator.  (PPAR stands for Peroxisome Proliferator-activated receptor). Unlike other SARMS it does not bind to androgen receptors but rather to PPAR receptors. This action triggers a series of events leading to fat loss.

Remember, Cardarine can get you more benefits beyond fat loss, endurance, and muscle mass, it will reverse type 2 diabetes and give you healthy cholesterol levels.

The most effective dosing of Cardarine is 10 mg each day for two months.  You can get excellent results if you stack it with Ostarine, another SARM used for cutting.

  1. Ostarine (also called MK-2866, Enobosarm or GTx-024)

This rather potent compound earns its name as the most experimented SARM to be performed with human subjects. This makes it an absolutely fascinating choice from an efficacy as well as a health perspective.

It will, of course, give you the standard SARM benefits, bone strength, fat reduction, hard lean muscle.  It will also make your body handle blood sugar better and ward off insulin resistance.

One of the best things I like about Ostarine is that once you gain muscle and cut fat, you keep these benefits for relatively long even after ending your cycle.

Ostarine has been blacklisted as an S1 anabolic agent by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) which ironically amounts to a compliment for the sports and athletics persons who may want to use it to achieve some desired physical feats.

The dosing should be 25 mg daily taken for a one-month cycle for men. Women should stick to 10 mg per day.

  1. Ligandrol (also LGD-4033 or Anabolicum)

Created by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Ligandrol is noted for its great effects of helping cancer patients avoid muscle waste and helping osteoporosis- stricken people regain bone density. Given this, it’s not surprising that it quickly got the interest of the bodybuilding community. It shot to fame (or infamy depending on how you look at it) when American football player Will Grier, who was playing as a quarterback for his team, achieved amazing feats while using it (and got banned for it).

  1. Stenabolic (also Sr-9009)
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Though known as a SARM, Stenabolic is actually a Rev-Erba, a class of proteins.  It can give you a super fast way of cutting fat.

Stenabolic is great because it frees you from the need to have a strict cutting diet that can deny you of calories. That means you don’t skimp on nutrients that your muscles may need.

Stenabolic gives you a wealth of benefits besides weight loss and endurance. It has been linked to cholestoral reduction, a healthy heart, anxiety reduction, fibrosis prevention, and increase of alertness.

It can also be stacked with other SARMS eg, Cardarine.

Effective dosing would go at between 20 and 30 mg, which you take each day four times.

  1. Andarine

Even though Andarine makes a good choice for bulking, it has been found to be very helpful for cutting too. Andarine has this twin act of speeding up fat burning and reducing lipoprotein lipases.  In about 12 weeks of a cutting cycle on Andarine, you can get to cutting goal with a good physique.


All the SARMS I have given here have one great thing in common. They come with no or little side effects.  Of course, the best SARM for you will depend on your individual need and situation as there can’t be a one-fits-all option.   But each of these gives you a decent start for doing your cutting cycles.

I should also note that if you want even better results, you should explore stacking some of these SARMS, which is absolutely safe to do (get a doctor’s advice however before you use any SARM). A combination of well-chosen SARMS gives you better cutting results than one SARM standing on its own.

For example, beginners can get started on a milder stack combining Ostarine and Cardarine, over a five-week period. Veterans can try something more aggressive like a stack combining Ostarine (20mg) Stenabolic (20 mg) and Andarine (50 mg) taken each day for two months.  The results can be amazing, a superbly sculpted body stripped of fat.

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