Urgent Care for Children

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Irregular hours

Children often get sick at the most inconvenient times, when the regular doctor is closed or in the middle of the night. In such cases, Urgentmed urgent care center may be the next best thing. They have enough facilities to handle minor emergencies like infections and sprains and are an ideal spot to ensure your child gets sufficient medical attention after normal doctor hours or if your doctor is fully booked.

Understanding Urgent Care

There is a difference between a stand-alone medical clinic, an emergency clinic, and an urgent care center. Sometimes hospitals may have separate emergency rooms in different locations to prevent overcrowding, and this tends to cause confusion for people seeking medical help. If your child gets sick at night and you need urgent help, ensure the place you visit is indeed an urgent care center.

Look carefully at the name of the facility to distinguish between an urgent center and an emergency room. Your child can still go to the emergency room but their costs differ from those of an urgent care center. Better still, find a pediatric urgent center for your child. The medical professionals at these facilities have specialized in diagnosing children’s diseases and treating them. This may be the right place to provide your child with the highest quality care available.

Always Be Prepared

When your child gets sick after hours, you don’t want to find yourself driving around town looking for an urgent care center. Find out early enough which facility is the best and closest to your location. You can consult with your regular doctor what they recommend if your child gets sick after hours. They might have a number you can call or a reference.

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Prepare for nightly needs in advance. Contact your health insurance and find out which urgent care centers are covered by your policy, to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, it helps to know the operating hours of different urgent care centers, as some don’t operate 24 hours. Gathering this information early will help you avoid the hassle of searching when you really need it. When in an emergency, you’re rarely in your normal state of mind, thus it helps to organize your paperwork to avoid going into panic mode when the child becomes ill. Keep the child’s health information such as a list of medications, insurance information, and their doctor’s name close.

Underestimating Urgent Care Centers

When a child becomes ill and their doctor is not available, most parents think that the emergency room is the best place to go. But urgent centers are well equipped to handle most medical issues that a doctor treats, for instance, respiratory illnesses, strep throat, ear infections, small lacerations, and minor sprains and fractures. However, if the child experiences serious, life-threatening complications such as difficulty breathing, significant pain or sudden unconsciousness, call an ambulance or go directly to an emergency room to avoid wasting time. In most cases, if the urgent care center cannot provide treatment, they will transfer the child to a hospital.

Check Online

With urgent care centers, you don’t need to call in advance. Urgent care centers accept walk-in appointments. Many parents are concerned about long wait periods but most urgent care centers allow parents to reserve a spot through online check-ins. This will shorten the wait time and help the child get medical attention faster.

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