What to Expect from Medical Marijuana in 2018?

Medical marijuana can be a great alternative option for treatment

Medical marijuana is a major part of the growth of marijuana in general. The latest studies reveal that the marijuana industry will create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020. That?s a huge shift in the larger economy. But medical marijuana specifically is expected to make a big splash in 2018.

Let?s take a look at some of the predictions for medical marijuana in 2018.


More of It

?To begin with, medical marijuana is going to become more prominent simply because of the changes in government and unavoidable momentum.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of medical marijuana, so the coming of it is inevitable. Combine that with new medical marijuana friendly governors in Virginia and New Jersey and you have the perfect storm for the further legalization of medical marijuana across the nation.


An Alternative to Synthetic THC

THC found within products like Syndros liquid is synthetic and manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies. The problem is this is costly and drives medical bills up. There?s also little evidence to show that it?s more beneficial medically than natural THC found within medical marijuana.

Studies are already in the process of determining the long term benefits of natural THC over their synthetic alternatives.


A Breakthrough for Medical Marijuana as a Cure

It?s a fact that most people consider medical marijuana to be excellent at easing symptoms. But they don?t consider what it can do for actually curing illnesses. So far there has been no breakthrough in this area.

However, studies are looking into what medical marijuana could potentially accomplish in 2018. And one bold prediction is that it could act as a cure for a number of major illnesses. One such area that has garnered a lot of focus is how medical marijuana could cure cancer.


Seeking Medical Attention Will Become a Problem

The San-Francisco-based dispensary Green Cross is with doctors in that there?s a worry that as marijuana becomes more acceptable and more available some people may forgo going to a doctor for medical issues. They may attempt to self-medicate with marijuana.

This is mainly a problem within states that have already legalized recreational marijuana. But many other states are considering it.

2018 will bring new awareness campaigns about going to a doctor if you have a problem. You should only be using medical marijuana if you have a specific medical problem and if your doctor agrees that it will help you.


Brand New Strains of Medical Marijuana

As pharmaceutical companies and dedicated marijuana companies begin to climb aboard the medical marijuana train they?re going to start competing. They?re also going to start experimenting to test the effects of specific strains on specific problems.

It?s going to deliver a brand new era of experimentation and medical marijuana users are going to have a greater variety of choice. Marijuana is different for everyone and there?s no brand that will fit for every single person.

Last Word ? 2018 is an Exciting Time

Backed by overwhelming positive public opinion and brand new studies supporting the usage of medical marijuana, 2018 is set to be an exciting year for the industry and patients. They?re set to have more choice and medical marijuana usage may be expanded.

Do you have any other predictions for medical marijuana in 2018?

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  1. My friend is battling liver cancer, so she’s been taking CBD oil to help with her pain. It’s exciting to know that it will be easier for her to get, as well as the fact that it may cure cancer. My friend will love reading this article, so I’ll make sure I share it with her.

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