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Doctors have a tough life. From continuous shifts to attending emergencies at any time of the night, they have a hard time balancing their life all the while giving their best in their job. Switching? between plastic cups, burn ointments, and scrubs, their job isn?t easy, and proper medical equipment can play a major part in making the day successful..

We asked several doctors what their favorite medical equipment is that is underrated but made their lives easy and got varied answers.

Here are the top most common answers :

  1. Inflatable SplintsOne rather unexpected equipment named by many of the doctors was inflatable plastic splints. They are usually used in accident or disaster cases where people are rescued and sent to the hospital. They help keep the fractured arms or legs in place so that there is no further damage until the patient reaches the hospital. Doctors find them extremely helpful since further damage can complicate the injury even more and it is crucial to control the damage.
  2. Gloves

    Another common answer, quite understandably, was surgical gloves. They are literally the second skin for a doctor. From simple dental care to complex surgeries, gloves are a part of every procedure. Hospitals keep it at a high priority to buy good quality surgical gloves since both doctors as well as patients com in contact with it and any compromise on the quality may lead to serious septic issues.
  3. Surgical TapesBy far, the most underrated equipment named by the doctors is the surgical tape. It keeps things in place whether it is a canola or dressing or anything that needs to stay where it is. That makes it the unsung hero of the medical community. Good quality surgical tape can hold the gauze in place for at least 2-3 days. So ensuring a quality surgical tape and adhesive solution is a detailed investment in a hospital.
  4. Stethoscope

    No doubt about it, the most common answer to the question was stethoscope. Stethoscope is most commonly related equipment to the profession of doctors. It is the most used equipment in their profession. Although it is one of the most basic equipments, most doctors are very particular about the quality of their stethoscope. There are different kinds of stethoscopes : single head, dual head, electronic among others.


Why Should You Care For Their Quality?

It is very important to ensure and check the quality of these of all medical procedures. Even though they are basic equipment, each one of them can cause serious issues in case of bad quality. Improper or bad quality equipment can hinder proper diagnosis or pose threats of infection to the patient and/or the doctor. Thus it is very important to find a good and experienced supplier who supplies products with CE mark to ensure the quality of each of their products.

Each of the medical equipment needs to be up to mark on health and safety standards including these underrated and basic equipment mentioned above. Not only are these equipment necessary but are the backbone of each and every medical procedure from simple and primary procedures like alcohol test to complex surgeries and treatments.?

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