Opiate Withdrawal Remedies: Your Guide to Home Detox

Opiate addiction is so widespread that you probably have a friend or family member that is going through this battle right now.

It is a serious battle that you can only win if you give yourself the right tools. You can even battle addiction and withdrawal at home when you get the right information and take the right steps.

These opiate withdrawal remedies can help you get past the addiction and win the battle.

It All Starts in the Mind

There are a lot of addiction triggers that all start in the mind.

When you are dealing with withdrawals, anxiety, anger, and sadness can cause you to relapse. Since it all begins in the mind, do what you can to make your home more peaceful and to curb your anxiety.

Meditation is helpful, which is why a lot of addiction recovery centers are instituting it as part of their practice. Reading up on addiction and understanding the nature of the beast you are dealing with can also get you the strength and courage to move past it.

You will need to have a positive attitude and driven mindset to get past your opiate addiction, especially if you are DIYing it at home instead of visiting a treatment center.

Keep Sweating and Exercising

Addiction is part mental, but a lot of it is physiological.

That’s why there is a detox process that needs to happen if you are able to beat the addiction. You need to get as much of it out of your system as fast as possible, and you can do that by making sure you sweat a lot every day.

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Of course, exercise is the common way to do that, and also the healthiest. You will get double the benefits because you can put that addictive energy into exercising, which will help you sweat and also center your thoughts.

You can also take a hot bath or steam in a shower so that you can prompt your body to sweat more.

Get Some Detox Supplements

Start searching for some healthy detox supplements so that you can get the opiates out of your system. Herbs like ginger and extracts like oregano oil can help you with detox, which helps with withdrawal.

A lot of people that are addicted are now using kratom to help with their addiction.

You can talk to The Kratom Connection to get some supplements that’ll help you with your withdrawals.

Going through opiate withdrawal causes a lot of fatigue, and kratom can help you battle these symptoms.

Prepare to Address Your Symptoms

You’ll be better able to address your symptoms when you know what they are. This usually means sweating, chills, nausea, pain, and general discomfort.

Be sure that you are picking out the right clothes to wear when going through these symptoms, and that you’re giving yourself lots of rest. Hydrate, take your vitamins and eat healthy food and you will be able to stand up to the worst that your symptoms offer.

The Top Opiate Withdrawal Remedies

These are the top opiate withdrawal remedies that you can do on your own.

Alternative medicine has a lot of health benefits that allow you to beat addiction the DIY way. Try out these tips when you are trying to make a full recovery.

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