Top 7 Ways to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Whether the thought of looking awful in the bikini you are going to sport at your favorite beach during the upcoming summer is eating away at you, or you are having more and more difficulty sliding your legs into your once-fitted jeans, it’s time to shake a leg and do something to get slimmer thighs.

The fat deposits on the thighs are a result of improper diet, lack of physical activity, genes, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, or a combination of all. While some of the above causes of fat accumulation are temporary or can be addressed through medical treatments, the first two are well under your control.

We know you are here to learn about ways to burn thigh fat, but the fact is that you can’t spot-reduce fat with diet and exercise — unless with fat removal procedures such as liposuction (learn more about liposuction prices in Iran).When your body wants to burn fat, it doesn’t know where to choose from and what is in your mind. You can lose overall body weight, and your chubby thighs will automatically get slimmer. Here are some guidelines that help you get thinner thighs.

1. Drink More Water

The number 1 enemy of your diet is not unhealthy snacks or desserts; it’s sweetened drinks full of sugar. The next time you feel thirsty, don’t rush to grab a soda or a glass of high-sugar fruit juice. Sweetened beverages add hundreds of calories to your body without significant nutrients. Drinking water, on the other hand, will keep your body hydrated and increases its ability to burn fat.

2. Do More Cardio

Aerobic exercises, that we call ‘cardio’, are supper-effective in fat burning and weight loss. Regular cardio, which increases heart rate, will trigger your body to burn thousands of calories. Activities like cycling, running, and jumping rope are straight forward exercises that help you quickly shed excess fat on your thighs and tone them.

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Running up and down some stairs, like those of a stadium or a public park on a hillside (not your apartment, of course, which will likely drive your neighbors up the wall) is a good idea. If you feel the burn in your leg muscles, it means you’re are on the right track and you’re burning fat, including on your thighs.

Don’t have space for running? Try these cardio exercises that don’t involve running.

3. Cut Down on Salt Intake

Salt causes the body to store excess water rather than filtering it out through the urinary system, leading to bloating in different parts of the body. Water retention can happen in the abdomen, legs, ankles, fingers, breasts, and even underneath the eyes. If you have a high-sodium diet, your body retainsmore water in order to dilute it. You typically need 1500 milligrams of sodium, while most people have a far bigger intake. Cut back on your salt intake by eating less processed food such as canned foods, soups, and sauces, which are loaded with sodium, though not tasting salty. You’ll see an immediate change in your thighs after you stop taking too much sodium.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs sleep to recover from the activities you’ve done during the day. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you can’t see the results you expect. Also, the chances are that the more you stay awake, the more you snack on unhealthy foods and get excess calories.

Furthermore, insufficient sleep makes your body produce a hormone called ghrelin and lower the level of another hormone called leptin. Ghrelin stimulates your appetite andleptintells your brain that you are full, so guess what happens when you don’t get adequate sleep.

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5. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast iscrucial for the success of your body toning program. Leaving aside the theory that breakfast regulates the metabolism of the body for the rest of the day, if you skip the morning meal, you’ll feel sluggish, tired and hungry, possibly reaching for unhealthy snacks and drinks before lunch.

6. Keep Track of What You Eat

The simple rule is that if you take more calories than you burn, your body turns the extra ones into fat, which is deposited around your belly, thighs, etc. If you burn more calories than you take, your body turns some of the fat into energy, and you lose weight. So, it’s very important to count the calories you eat and those you burn.

A good way to keep a tab on the number of calories you get each day is to write down everything you eat. A ballpark estimate of you calorie intake will help you know if you’re on the right path to weight loss. Plus, if you oblige yourself to keep the record of every single calorie, it is less likely that you reach for unhealthy snacks every time you feel like to eat something. There are mobile apps you can use to have a close watch on your daily calorie intake and expenditure. They have estimates for the majority of foods and activities.

7. Do Workouts that Sculpt you Thighs

We’ve said above that you can’t reduce fat on specific areas in your body, but when it comes to toning muscles, it’s a different story. Unlike fat that can’t be ‘spot-reduced’, muscles can be toned on any part of the body you want. So, once you’ve shed those fat pockets on your thighs, you can now focus on exercises that shape your thigh and butt muscles to get the more shapely lower body.

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Get your thigh muscles to work by doing a combination of different types of squats every day: front squats, back squats, goblet squats, sumo squats, and single-leg squats.

Target your inner and outer thighs with band leg side raises and lateral lunges, and strengthen your hamstrings with deadlifts, reverse leg curls, hamstring curls, and bridges. Do your favorite leg workouts for 8-12 reps in three to four sets every two or third day.

Also, don’t forget about high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises such as butt kicks, jump squats, burpees, mountain climbers, alternating side lunges, jumping lunges, and planks.

If you’ve been following all the above guidelines but still not getting what you want, have a look at other people in your family. Do they have pear-shaped bodies with thick thighs just like you? If yes, it most probably has to do with genetics. Anyway, you can always change your body shape with diet and exercise to some degree, but if you are still unhappy with your flabby thighs, you can turn it into an opportunity. How? With a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, you can get your thigh fat extracted and injected into your buttocks, both to have more slender legs and a shapelier backside. Get started now and find the best doctors for butt implant procedure and Brazilian Butt Lift. Make sure to be as prepared and informed about this cosmetic surgery as possible before going for it.

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