Taking care of your diet: It does more than just reduce your weight

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We now have more information than ever around healthy eating and why following a wholesome diet is essential. After all, there are few people who are not aware of the benefits of drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables. One of the major benefits of following a healthy diet is the reduced risk of putting on weight and eventually becoming obese.

There are 100 million adults in the US now classed as obese.

Obesity is a very serious problem for public health. Many think that weight control is the only benefit of healthy eating, but that is just not true. As well as helping to reduce your weight and stay in control of it, a sensible diet plan can do much more.

What Does Diet Affect Outside of Weight Loss?

Think about nutrigenomics first

Before you embark on a healthy eating plan you need to consider the role your genes play in staying in top condition. New research in an area of science called Nutrigenomics has suggested that general guidance for everyone to follow in terms of diet may not be effective. Nutrigenomics expert Dr. Amy Yasko is one of a new breed of professionals in the area of nutrition who believe a more personal approach is needed. Dr. Yasko regards each person’s genetic makeup and the way our diet interacts with our bodies as being significant. As we are all different, it makes sense to eat what our bodies react well to, what they need, and to avoid foods that do not work for us.

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Diet can help prevent or manage conditions

If you are wondering just what else a sensible diet can do for you aside from weight loss, the prevention or management of medical conditions is paramount. Cancer is a serious condition that following a healthy diet can help prevent. A diet rich in fruit and fiber can help to reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer like liver or colorectal disease. Nutrients found in fruit and vegetables also contain natural antioxidants which can help protect your body from potentially dangerous cell damage.

Cancer is not the only condition that a good diet can help prevent. Diabetes is another serious problem that is affecting more and more people globally. Reducing the amount of salt and sugar in your diet will help to reduce your risk of getting it and help to manage your diabetes if it is already established.

These are just two conditions that following a diet plan that works for you could help with. From heart disease to strokes, and high blood pressure, eating more healthily can reduce the risk of contracting any medical ailments you might be predisposed to encounter in your lifetime.

It can help you feel stronger and healthier

Although diet is often addressed to help with medical issues or weight, it does not have to be like this. Following a good diet will simply make you feel good and help to keep your body strong. Over time, the effects of eating well will add years to your life compared to someone who lives on junk food. This means that by eating properly and in line with what your body needs, you will be able to live a much fuller, longer life.

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More energy and a positive mental outlook

As well as feeling better in yourself, taking control of what you eat, and drink, will give you lots more energy to enjoy life. Rather than feeling too fatigued to go out and have fun, you will always be up for that fun hiking trip with friends or a romantic boat ride with your partner. The right foods for our bodies give us the vitamins and nutrients we need to remain active. This will also have positive benefits for your mind as you will be getting the minerals you need from your diet to stay healthy in that regard. In addition, the boost to your self-esteem that eating well brings will also improve your overall mood and avoid issues like depression.

Easy access to great sleep

For both mental and physical health, sleep is very important. A good night’s sleep gives our bodies a chance to repair while allowing our minds to deal with the day’s events unconsciously. As such, healthy eating plans can encourage good sleep. Substances like alcohol or caffeine can stop us from sleeping well. Cutting these down or eliminating them from your diet altogether, it can make drifting off for a refreshing night’s sleep much easier.

Diet is not just about losing weight

Deciding to revamp your diet and eat more healthily is therefore not only about losing weight. It will bring a whole host of benefits which you will be able to feel and enjoy in daily life. Very often, it is starting on a new plan that is the most challenging part. Once you have stuck with it for a week or two, you will love how it makes you feel.

Dr Amy Yasko

Dr. Amy has a PhD in Microbiology/Immunology/Infectious Disease from Albany Medical College, along with multiple postdoctoral fellowships including Yale Medical center, Wilmont cancer center URMC, and Pediatric Infectious Disease at URMC. She is the founder of  The Yasko Protocol, please explore her website.

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