Is Walking Everyday Enough for Weight Loss?


Have you been trying to improve your lifestyle choices and wondering if only walking everyday can help you become healthier?

Walking: Trim your waistline, improve your health

Following any form of exercise is good but not knowing its benefits and limitations can really disappoint you later. While walking everyday is a great form of exercise, do not expect it to work wonders as it is an aerobic form of workout which cannot build muscles hence if you want to improve your muscle density then you need to join strength training along with aerobics. On the other hand, if you aim to lose weight, only walking would not help, you need to follow a strict balanced diet to get the desired results.

Many people walk for the wrong reasons hence you will find most sources suggesting that it is not enough, and you need to do more. We agree that only walking cannot help you to achieve many fitness goals but walking in itself if done regularly do wonders to your overall health.

Let us focus on the benefits and limitations of just walking below;

Aerobic Activity:

Walking can be considered as an aerobic activity where the muscles get oxygen while the workout. This means walking helps in improving your cardiovascular health and also studies have shown that it helps to prevent lifestyle disorders such as diabetes. To have effective results by just walking, it needs to be brisk. The best part of walking is you can distribute it throughout the day.

If you are really busy at work, give 10 minutes every 2-3 hours to walk briskly and that would be good enough to start with.

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Building Strength:

Walking is considered as a cardio form of the workout but if you have not done strength training and just start by walking, you will notice that you will start gaining strength in your legs. Though walking will not help you develop new muscles in your legs the existing muscles in your legs will be strengthened as you walk.

To get better results, walk in the hilly regions, as elevations can escalate the advantages of walking. Though the best form of strength training is in the gym and walking cannot really compensate it but it is good for starters.

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Increasing Flexibility

Walking is a simple workout hence it does not improve the flexibility much but if you walk regularly, it does improve the flexibility of your joints. Walking can help prevent and manage arthritis. Expert therapists from suggest that walking along with physical therapy can help a great deal when it comes to an arthritis patient and they can lead a normal life.

Reducing Body weight

People struggling to lose weight can start by walking 30 minutes every day. Though in the long run you also will need to add some strength training to lose weight and gain muscles to remain healthy, but walking is good for starters.

Walking is a free form of exercise where you have to spend no penny hence if you are transforming your lifestyle towards a healthier one then, include walking in your daily routine and you will find a positive difference in your overall health.

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