5 Simple Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss


According to research done by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O), over 1.9 billion adults worldwide were overweight. This could be attributed to a change in diet and lifestyle for many people.

Five effective ways to speed up weight loss

Following is a list of five ways that can help you speed up weight loss

Drinking enough water (water therapy)

Water is life, it has a lot of benefits to the body that can’t be ignored or overlooked. Drinking enough water helps in improving the digestion of food in the stomach. Water encourages the full breakdown of food in the stomach. This, in the end, discourages deposition of fat which has not been broken down in the body.

Water too helps flush out harmful toxins in the body, leaving you much stronger, healthier and free of toxins. Water too helps in improving your energy levels keeping you active.

Adding fiber to your diet

Fibers are very important; they encourage proper digestion of food in the stomach by allowing proper absorption of nutrients into the body and pushing out of digested food from the stomach. As a result, less fat is deposited in your body.

Foods rich in fibers make you full and as a result, you get to eat less food and avoiding overeating. They are also slowly digested allowing you to stay full for longer. Most foods rich in fiber also contain few to zero calories.

Eating vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits do not contain any fats or harmful cholesterol that may pose any negative health impact on your body. Fruits contain natural sugars that keep you energetic without having to worry about your weight. Furthermore, they contain important nutrients that help the body become healthy and strong.

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You don’t have to be a complete vegan to reach your weight loss goals. You can combine vegetables and fruit together with other foods and still get your desired goals. However, you need to prioritize vegetables and fruits in order to boost your weight loss speed.

Engage in cardio workouts

Doing cardio workouts is one of the best ways to speed up your weight loss and keep you fit. Cardio workouts are known to cut more calories than other types of workouts. Not only will cardio workouts help you lose weight but also help tone your muscles leaving you with a well-defined body.

There are tons of different types of cardio workouts that can suit all people from the old to the young. Jogging is the most popular cardio work out. It is easy to start jogging since you require less equipment and experience before you can start jogging.

Get enough sleep

Research shows that lack of sleep triggers hunger and affects the digestion of food. People with sleeping disorders are at a higher risk of being overweight than those who sleep well.

Not only does sleep deprivation completely changes how your body burns calories but also how sugar in your body is processed. This further exposes you to the risk of getting diabetes and other ailments.

Have protein powders

Protein powders are the effective supplement to boost you weight loss process. There are various protein powders for weight loss which will reduce the body fat and build muscle.


It is very easy to add on weight especially when you don’t check what you eat. The hardest task begins when you want to shed extra weight. However, when you have the right information, and will you can shed a lot of weight easily in a few days without working too hard. The above tricks can help you shed weight faster and easier.

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