3 Reasons why you are not losing weight

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Millions of people are trying to lose weight and yet fail to achieve their goals even if you start dieting. Not seeing the results you want can crush your motivation, which means you’ll break your diet, which also means you won’t be able to lose weight at all. Even worse, you might start overeating because of the stress and gain a few more pounds.

To avoid this unfortunate situation, you need to understand the reasons why your diet might not be working. Correct your mistakes right away and those excess pounds will start melting off. If you are looking for best weight loss tips to achieve your goals then it will be helpful to learn about the reasons why you are not losing weight.

1.      You aren’t eating enough protein

There are many diets out there and if yours is low-protein, you are setting yourself up for failure. It turns out that the human body stores calories differently depending on the type of foods you eat. Researchers recently proved that if you eat a low-protein diet, 95% of excess calories you consume are stored as fat.

However, if you are on a high or normal-protein diet, 45% of those are turned into lean muscle. That study says that while people gain the same total amount of weight, the way they are stored in the body makes all the difference. Also, it will be much easier to burn off excess fat if you have less of it to begin with.

Finally, that same study showed that high-protein diets are truly capable of increasing the metabolism rate. The effect isn’t sustainable, which means it will disappear once you switch to a normal-protein diet. However, if you can’t lose weight now, you need to review your current diet first and start eating more proteins while cutting other food groups. But remember that you should never exclude any of the essential macronutrients completely.

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2.      You are eating too many “weight loss foods”

There is a lot of information about healthy ways of losing weight available today and it’s usually backed by science, so it’s wise to take those suggestions to heart and design your personal program based on them. And every comprehensive list of effective weight loss tips has a list of the best foods to include in your diet. Among those you’ll find avocados, nuts, and seeds.

All these foods are truly very good for your diet as they benefit your health and can help you lose weight as well. The issue, however, is that you can’t use them all at the same time. And if you do eat all three of those in a day, you need to calculate your calories very carefully because each of these foods is packed with calories and healthy fats.

Therefore, remember that avocados, nuts, and seeds are “weight loss foods”, but this doesn’t mean that eating more of them will help you get rid of those excess pounds faster. You need to consume these products in moderation, even more so if you eat them together, for example, in a salad. Use calorie calculator apps to control your diet and make sure you don’t overeat in your rush to fill up your diet with “good” foods.

3.      You are too stressed

No matter how good your diet is, if you are constantly stressed, you won’t be losing weight because your body doesn’t work right. That’s why overstressed people show “persistence” in their obesity.

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High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, will prevent your body from burning off excess weight as it should under the effects of your diet. Therefore, you need to develop a comprehensive weight loss program that will include not only a meal plan and workout routine but also consider your mental health and sleep schedule. Because lowering your stress levels is a must for your weight loss success.


Losing weight is a long and difficult proc­­ess, and sometimes it will seem like all your efforts are in vain. If this happens, review your current weight loss program for these mistakes. It might be that you just need to correct your lifestyle a little to see the long-awaited changes.

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