Top 7 Benefits Of Using Kumkumadi Oil

Having a beautiful, smooth, and glowing skin texture is not just the dream of all women, but men too have the desire. Maintaining a smooth, polished, and even-tone skin is very attractive and reflects a person’s lifestyle choices.

In the bygone days, it was indeed possible to have such glowing skin. But owing to the immense rise in the pollution level and our active life, good skin conditions have become a distant dream. However, many still pursue the chase and end up buying a lot of manufactured beauty products, which results in deteriorated skin conditions.

Utilizing Ayurveda

So what do we do? Just give up our dream? Well, there is still hope, but not in the chemical treatment and expensive beauty packs. The secret to beautiful skin lies with the treasure trove of beauty secrets presented to us by Ayurveda. Ayurveda, one of the most ancient herbal treatments, has a lot to offer towards the pursuit of skin treatment. Of all the many gems that Ayurveda can bestow upon us, the best one is the Kumkumadi oil.

Kerala Ayurveda presents you with one of the best Kumkumadi oil products, the one-step solution to all your skin related issues. Their Kumkumadi oil is ideal for improving skin complexion, for reducing scars, blemishes, and acne. Additionally, it can be used to ward off the harmful ultraviolet rays, which is one of the primary reasons for skin damage.

As promised, there is a lot in the treasure trove. Here are seven of them, the top seven uses of Kumkumadi oil.

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Kumkumadi oil for hyperpigmentation

Kumkumadi oil helps one reduce skin pigmentation, and thereby helps to improve the skin glow. Kumkumadi oil reacts with the epidermal inflammation and reduces the oxidation of arachidonic acid.

This helps alter the melanocyte activity, which leads to hyperpigmentation.  Kumkumadi oil is rich in antioxidants that break the chemical process making the skin glow.

Kumkumadi oil for reducing pimples

Kumkumadi tailam has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components that help to fight and minimize pimple formation. Additionally, the oil acts as a mild cleansing agent, which prevents pimples from reappearing.

If the oil is massaged on the skin regularly, it is useful in removing dead skin cells and prevents skin infection.

Kumkumadi oil effective for scar treatment

The oil is ideal for reducing scars and dark spots. Kumkumadi oil absorbs quickly and penetrates deep in the skin. It further reduces inflammation in the skin pore.

To get the best results, it’s advisable to start using this oil right after the acne reduces. It can also be applied viably to the acne to nip scar formation right in the bud.

Kumkumadi oil for treating blemishes

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, Kumkumadi oil is also useful for fighting skin discoloration. Scars can form on the skin for various reasons. Bad food habits, exposure to the sun, hormonal Imbalance, and of course, aging.

If one is suffering from skin discoloration owing to the mentioned causes, local or spot application of Kumkumadi oil can prove to be effective.

Kumkumadi oil as sunscreen

One of the primary ingredients in Kumkumadi oil is saffron pollen, which acts as a natural sunscreen. Additionally, saffron pollen has a smooth moisturizing effect that enhances the production of the base oil.

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Researchers have also found out that saffron pollen provides fantastic UV ray protection. So, it might be time for you to apply Kumkumadi oil and dazzle like diamonds.

Kumkumadi oil for reducing dark circles

In the current times, it is challenging to come across anyone who doesn’t fight with the pangs of dark circles. The lack of sleep, fast lifestyle, work pressure, and the excessive use of computers and phones make our eyes sulk.

While many resorts to make up for a cover-up, it is not long-lasting. As soon as the makeup wards away, your dark circles will resurface, making one look like a raccoon! Kumkumadi oil can be your best solution to this long, disturbing problem. Its skin lightening properties are ideal for removing under-eye dark circles.

Kumkumadi oil as a moisturiser

Some skin types are glowing and naturally oily. Such skin looks dewy and fresh all the time, even without trying. However, not everyone can enjoy such skin. A few of us have dehydrated skin, which looks dull all the time.

For the ones facing problems with dry, lifeless skin, Kumkumadi oil can be the best solution. Nature has bestowed us everything we need to lead a good life. So, before you go hunting for chemical treatments, try Ayurveda. Give nature a chance.

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