Using Alternative Medicine To Ease Your Back Pain This Holiday

Would you visit a reflexologist when your asthma flares? How about balneotherapy when your face starts to break out? No matter the reasons, alternative medicine has gained traction in the U.S.

In this article, we are going to discuss how alternative medicine is used to treat back pain. Whether it is spasms, neck pain, lower back pain, or sciatic nerve pain shooting down your legs, chronic back pain can sideline you from work or enjoying your favorite activities and holidays. Fortunately, there are many alternative treatments that are safe and offer long-lasting relief. These include:


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and a major component of traditional Chinese medicine. It entails inserting tiny needles in your skin to stimulate specific points and relieve pain. The therapy is particularly useful if you have nerve-related pain, muscle spasms, and general chronic back pain.

Massage Therapy

Having sessions of massage can be relaxing, especially during the holiday season. It can help release muscle tightness, ease your back pain, and increase body functionality. Studies show that people who have an hour massage every week for ten consequent weeks experience fewer back pain symptoms. They are also more active than those who have traditional treatments.

Routine Workout

Busy schedules can tempt you to go exercise-free, especially when living with pain. Don’t fall for that trap; exercises are the best alternative medicines for back pain. It helps release endorphins, the natural brain hormone that eases the pain. Check out this holiday photo card template to help strategize and stick to the practical holiday exercises. From flexibility exercise, aerobic activity, to a simple walk in the park, these routine workouts will help strengthen your back muscles and reduce spine strain, and thus soothe your pain.

The power of yoga

Irrespective of the severity or type of your back pain, yoga has been proven to ease your symptoms. Studies indicate that chronic pain patients are less likely to take pain prescriptions after engaging in yoga for 12 weeks. Yoga will stretch and strengthen your joints and muscles to bring relief. So don’t let this experience that goes beyond working out pass you by, try it at least 3-4 times a week.

Chiropractic care

Getting spinal manipulation from a chiropractor or other licensed specialists can lessen your back pain. The magic hands of a chiropractor adjust and massage your muscles to stimulate them and align your spine.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Holidays are a time to indulge in different types of foods. However, the foods you eat can make or break your health. A simple example, inflammation (a major cause of back pain) can be avoided by eating healthy foods, such as leafy veggies, nuts, fruits, fatty fish, and whole grains. Studies have also shown that anti-inflammatory diets are as effective as NSAIDs in treating back pain.

Proper footwear

Wearing the wrong type of footwear such as stilettos or pumps could misalign the hips, lower back, and spine leading to muscle overuse and pain. Avoid pointy toed-shoes or too-tight shoes and use padded inserts or gel to lower the impact of your shoes on your spine and hips. Besides, wearing orthotics in your shoes can improve your back pain significantly.

Bottom Line

Alternative medicine is an extensively sought-after treatment for back pain. It offers an extensive spectrum of options than conventional prescriptions and drugs. Thus, regardless of the severity of your back pain, try alternative medicines for long-lasting relief and to enhance your overall wellbeing.

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