Tips To Win Over Back Pain Once And For All

We all are at a staggering 84% chance of succumbing to back pain in our lifetime, which can interrupt our daily routine like a thoroughbred professional. But this pain needs to be catered to properly for reducing its propensity. It is not something which you can expect to resolve on its own while you just wait and watch. But before we end up frightening you excessively, we would like to break the good news to you by revealing that there exist ample ways through which you win over back pain. Keep reading to well-brace yourself against the menacing issue of back-pain which is affecting millennial population like an epidemic courtesy our sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.

Ointments and Oils

The market is filled with an array of ointments and pain rubs which can block the sensation to ease out back pain on a temporary basis. Creams having capsaicin content can numb pain channels in the affected region. Also, check out for ingredients such as comfrey, ibuprofen, lidocaine, ketoprofen, diclofenac and cayenne in the tropical creams. Studies have also linked the application of lavender essential oils paired with acupressure technique as directly proportional toa reduction in back pain. Chances of users experiencing skin irritation following the application of such medicines are not rare. Thus, it is imperative to carry out a patch test and allow a gestation period of 24 hours before proceeding with complete applications.


As we all know, massage can be of great help in loosening up tense or sore muscles and relieving pain. A study had revealed that the dual combination of traditional treatment along with massage therapy can minimize days in bed, improve back function, reduce back pain and lessen the usage of anti-inflammatory medications. If you want to avoid the cost burden of a structural massage, then you can ask a close friend or your partner for the same. With your specific instructions, they can also use a medicated ointment to bring about extra pain relief.

Eating Habits

Alkaline diet is rich in essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium which has a big role to play in easing out back pain. Consumption of herbs and supplements such as 120-240 mg of Willow bark or 50-100 mg of Devil?s claw daily can reduce back pain. But don?t forget to consult your health physician before starting with any herbal medicine as they might bring along unintended side effects by reacting with your current medication pattern.

Stretching Out

Exercising can restore muscles and prevent future chances of painful encounters. Exercises such as press-ups, cobra pose, walking on flat ground and standing backbends are known to substantially reduce backache symptoms.

Taking An Epsom Salt Bath

Magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt can find its way into sore muscles for relieving pain and soreness caused in the aftermath of an exercise session. Make sure that the water is warm before soaking in for about 20 minutes for getting maximum benefits.

Mattress Story

Our sleep posture and the mattress laid down on can play a determining role in causing or easing out back pain. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to bring home a new mattress every eight years after browsing through the consumer mattress reviews and conducting physical store verifications.

It is advisable to seek out medical help or try the remedies mentioned above at the very onset to prevent lack of mobility which is often associated with back pain.


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  1. Back pain should not be ignored in its early stages, proper tests must be done and appropriate medicine must be taken prescribed by the doctor to relieve pain. People waste a lot of money on irrelevant medicine and therapies that do not cure their disease.

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