Most Effective Acupressure Points for Relieving Body Pains

Pains and niggles are a part of our lives, sad but true, our modern day lifestyles, ensure that we sit for long cooped up before our computers and ending up with body pains. Yes, we know we find it easy to pop some painkillers and the pain does subside, for the time being, only to rear its ugly head sometime later. Over-the-counter pills have some side effects, so the best way to combat the pain is to seek some holistic practices like acupressure. Have you heard about acupressure and it’s the near-miraculous effect on your body? Check out why you need to try it to tackle health issues with acupressure points to get rid of body pains.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a type of massage technique that can even be termed as self-administered practice as you can use it on yourself to combat some of the most common health problems. Some of the health conditions that acupressure can treat are as follows, labor pain, sciatica leg pain, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction in the jaw), or nausea from chemotherapy. Its roots can be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine and have been around for ages, as long as 2,000 years.

In this treatment, you need some tools to put pressure on certain points on your body such as fingers, palms, elbows and so on.

How Does Acupressure Work?

Acupressure points are located right next to some of the largest nerve fiber pathways in your body that act as messengers carrying messages from nerve endings through your central nervous system. All you need to do is find the right point and press it for some time. When pressed the right way, your body benefits in the following ways,

  • Messages of pain are blocked before they can reach the brain.
  • A message is conveyed to the brain to release more endorphins, those quintessential happy hormones that make you feel good and happy.
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Applying acupressure to specific points in your body can block the nerve impulses that carry the message of pain to the brain. It can also help set off the communication to the brain and release the pain-numbing chemicals into the bloodstream. This helps increase a sense of well-being all over you.

If you are suffering from a stomach ache or headache, the below-mentioned pressure points for pain can help you combat the pain effectively. Press on the point hard and hold it for 2-3 minutes. While you do so, continue to breathe normally to relax and dissipate any sort of physical tension.

Best Pressure Points on the Body to Relieve Pain

It is time for you to try some of the most potent acupressure points to get rid of body pains.

  1. Three Miles Point

Find the Three Miles Point about 1.5 inches below the knee cap. Suffering from stomach pain? Well, then the three miles point has got you covered. Just bend the legs and apply pressure on the point and yes, it is not only a potent point to combat stomach pain, but it offers a solution to health issues such as vomiting and nausea.

  1. The Third Eye Point

It is just as the name sounds, the third eye point and located between your two eyebrows.  This is the cheapest and may I add the best solution for those stubborn headaches that just refuses to go. It is also that one versatile point that gets rid of stress, depression and chronic fatigue all in a jiffy. Have you got a minute? Well, then just apply gentle pressure for one minute.

  1. The Tong Zi Liao Point
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Locate this potent point The Tong Zi Liao point at the corner of the eye. Not feeling up to rounding off your work? Eye fatigue and migraines affecting you in a big way? Slow down, take a deep breath and just rub the point ever-so-gently and yes you can bid a not-so-tearful goodbye to your migraine issue.

  1. The Big Rushing Point

Are foot cramps cramping your style? Find the Big Rushing Point located between the big toe and the second toe, just one and a half inches behind each of your toes. Well, not only foot cramps it’s a ready reckoner for headaches and eye tiredness too. The solution is simple just press this point for a minute and start feeling better and yes have your concentration levels soaring.

  1. The Kunlun Mountains Point

This is a great point for treating neck pain, shoulder and back pain. This point is located right between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Just press this point for one minute for relief.

  1. The Joining the Valley Point

Find this point right between the thumb and the index finger. This is a great point to relieve toothache, neck and shoulder pain. Apply pressure on this point and massage it for great relief.

  1. The Yongquan Point

Find The Yongquan Point on the sole of your feet between the second and third toes. This is an extremely effective point for treating headaches, nausea, and fainting. Apply pressure on this point for at least a minute to get ample relief.

  1. The Gates of Consciousness Point

Locate The Gates of Consciousness Point near the sides of the neck right at the base of the skull. It is one of your go-to pressure points on the body to relieve pain, not to forget it also helps with other issues such as dizziness and migraines. Apply pressure for a whole minute to get ample relief.

  1. The Inner Gate Point
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The inner gate point is a special spot on the crease of your wrist. Take one hand and seek the point about 3 centimeters out from where your wrists touch the middle.  Massage this point with your thumb to ease away stomach pain and also get relief from digestion issues and nausea.

  1. Hand Valley Point

The hand valley point is between the firm skin between the thumb and index finger. Reflexologists find this one of the most important acupressure points for body pain and it also helps reduce stress, toothaches, migraines, shoulder tension, and neck pain.

Reflexology helps recover faster and more effectively, while you can also maintain your overall health. So, try these alternative medicine and reap the benefits.

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