Types of Dentures

Close up view on senior dentures


Teeth serve an essential role in your life. Without teeth, you may experience difficulties such as digestive problems due to the inability to breakdown your food. You may also have to change your meals and reserve yourself to foods that do not require much chewing to breakdown. Living without teeth means a lifestyle change. You may have gotten into an accident that destroyed your dental structure, suffered a disease, or the wear and tear of time has caused your teeth to fall out. However, you can still enjoy a wholesome life and experience the delicacies of food thanks to the dentists. Technology and medical advancements have developed solutions to dental problems that have helped to maintain the standard of living for many people. If you live in Delray Beach, dental implants services have never come closer, contact us and let us help you.

Full Dentures

When you experience the destruction of your dentition, due to old age or other causes, your teeth may fall out and but you can have an entirely new set of teeth. It requires that any remaining teeth be extracted to pave the way for the full denture. After the teeth removal, you may wait  three months before going for the procedure. The complete denture sits on your gums and gives you a new life with a new set of teeth.

Partial Dentures

You may have a few of your healthy teeth remaining. You do not need to go for a tooth extraction procedure but can get partial dentures to fill the empty teeth. The partial denture has a pink base that resembles your gums. It is attached to the gums via a metal piece and has the flexibility to come off.

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Custom Dentures

You may have seen some of your favorite celebrities rock a perfect look, and that perfect smile. They have a perfect set of teeth, and you wish you had the same. The truth is, it can be done but at a cost. Custom dentures are made to fit your facial features and reflect your natural smile. Nobody will notice that you have an artificial set of teeth since they appear natural.

Dentures will Implants

Some dentures have the ability of coming off at your convenience. However, some people may prefer to have dentures that remain attached. Dentists have developed a way to securely place dentures by using dental implants to secure them. If you prefer the security of well-anchored dentures, this option will suit your needs.

Economy Dentures

Do you have a car that you have always wished you could drive? Well, for most people, this remains a reality. However, many people may not afford their car of preference, and not only that, but they may also prefer a better house, better clothes, but you may have to settle at some point. Economy dentures come in place of custom dentures. They help to enhance your look but may not precisely fit into your dentition. If you want to make your look better, but do not have the means to support a stellar look, you can opt for this type of denture. You can always upgrade to something better, instead of giving up on your opportunity to improve your look.

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