Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry: Differences Explained

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Many people believe there is only one type of dentistry, a traditional dentist. However, there is a holistic industry for dentistry that is also helpful to those who need dental care. You can contact Northstar family dentists for holistic or traditional dentistry.

Have You Considered Using Holistic Dentistry?

Traditional Dentistry

A traditional dentist will attend an accredited school for a total of 4 years. The first two years are concentrated on the structure, function, and biological sciences of the body. This is also the time they study diseases that could affect the mouth and the entire body. At the conclusion of their studies, a student will be licensed to practice dentistry in each of the states. Different countries have different rules regarding dentistry and accreditation for practicing.

In addition to general dentistry, a certified dentist can help their patients with everything from prevention of tooth and gum issues, all the way up to diagnosing cancer of the mouth, gums, and bones. They are also able to correct injuries, medical diseases, and help fix malformations due to birth defects. They are also able to help with the creation of false teeth or dentures.

Holistic Dentistry

In addition to the traditional dentistry certification, a holistic dental practitioner will also become a biologic dentist. This is an alternative approach to using toxic chemicals for restorative materials. The emphasis is on healing infections as well as the person’s overall health.

When a tooth is infected, the bacteria can affect not only the mouth, including the teeth and gums, but the entire body. A holistic dentist can not only treat the infected tooth and gums, but your whole body. They will not stop at dental issues, which is a good thing when you are in pain not only from your mouth, but throughout your body.

Older Dental Materials

One of the most common dental issues is silver or mercury amalgam fillings in someone of a certain age. A holistic dentist can help determine if these older fillings or dental implants are the cause of some other medical issues. For example, many individuals suffer from memory loss, autoimmune diseases as well as many other issues that modern medicine cannot fully comprehend or fix at times.

Newer Dental Materials

Instead of silver or mercury fillings, or plastic crowns, holistic dentists use porcelain. This is a durable biocompatible and non-toxic material. The idea is to help the dental work seamlessly adhere to your DNA. In other words, this type of dental material will become part of the body instead of becoming toxic and fighting against your body. Using this type of porcelain can also be beneficial in matching the colour of your own teeth as well as becoming better for your overall health.

The choice is yours regarding what type of dentist you want to seek help from. You will also need to consult your insurance company for what they will pay if you have dental insurance. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have dental insurance. Holistic dentistry is reasonably priced and comparative to traditional dental work, but healthier.

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