Did Your Dental Crown Fall Out? Follow These 5 Steps

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Having positive dental health is beneficial to maintaining overall health. Unfortunately, accidents, dental disease, and congenital defects can all lead to dental problems. These undesirable situations can result in broken, chipped, or missing teeth. To restore dental functionality, it may be necessary to install one or more dental crowns. When a dental crown falls out, learn what to do to protect existing dental structure and prevent damage to the dental crown.

Contact a Reputable Dentist

To restore positive dental health, it’s necessary to contact a reputable dentist after a dental crown falls out. Delaying this can cause damage to an individual’s teeth. It can also cause problems for surrounding teeth. It’s a good idea to contact the dentist who installed the dental crown. A Dentist Near Me will be able to identify the problem that caused the dental crown to become dislodged. A qualified dentist will properly clean the crown before attempting to put it back in its proper position.

Retrieve and Clean the Dislodged Crown

It’s very important to find the dental crown. Don’t hesitate to locate this dental restoration so a dentist can attempt to reattach it. Handle the dental crown carefully after picking it up. Rinse the dental crown under a steady stream of warm water. When food or debris is on the dental crown, use a soft hand towel to gently clean it. It’s necessary to firmly, but carefully, hold the dental crown during cleaning to prevent further damage by dropping it.

Protect the Dental Crown

Until the dental crown can be reattached, it’s vital to protect it from further harm. Place the dental crown in a small plastic bag or container. This bag or container should not be opened until the dental appointment. Allow the dentist to open the bag or container so it can be handled properly. A dentist has experience holding dental crowns the right away to protect them from damage or ruin.

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Protect the Biological Tooth

It’s important to clean the tooth with the dental crown covered. Gently rinse the mouth with warm water. Getting rid of food particles and other debris helps protect the biological tooth. Be careful not to disturb exposed dental structure at the gumline. It’s a good idea to avoid using toothpaste and other dental products in this area to avoid irritation. Chew on the opposite side of the mouth. Using adjacent teeth for eating can cause extra trauma to the place where the missing dental crown was.

Know What May Happen at the Dental Visit

Understanding the possible outcomes of the dental visit will make it easier to decide on the course of treatment. The dentist will try to reinstall the dental crown. However, this may not be possible when the dental crown is damaged beyond repair. A dentist may need to have another dental crown made or have the damaged one repaired. Listen to all instructions given by the dentist. Also, communicate any concerns so they can be addressed.

A dental crown is meant to restore dental functionality so a person can eat, drink, and talk without hindrance. When a dental crown falls out or is dislodged, knowing what to do helps to save existing dental structure. It also assists in keeping the dental crown from damage or ruin until a dentist can deliver the best course of treatment.

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