Genius Trick To Keep Ticks From Biting You

There is nothing more disgusting than coming home from a relaxing day in nature than to have to spend time picking ticks off yourself. Not only are ticks a nuisance but they can cause health issues when they burrow into your skin. Unfortunately, most bug sprays will not protect you from ticks.

Late spring and early summer are the peak periods for ticks. They tend to be found in areas with high grass and bushes.

Here are a few tips to avoid an infestation from ticks.

  1. When hiking wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt.
  2. Bring a simple lint roller and simply roll it over your cloths every occasionally. You may be shocked to see how many ticks and other things you pick up.
  3. Another option is to pack a roll of duct tape. Wrap a section of tape (sticky side out) around your hand and pat down your body to remove ticks from your clothing.
  4. Try using peppermint essential oil on your skin or clothing. You can dilute it with almond oil if your skin is to sensitive. Peppermint scent deters ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies.

After coming indoors, you will want to thoroughly check yourself for ticks. They like to spend time crawling over your body to find a preferred place to burrow under your skin. Make sure to check your underarms, inner thighs and groin, as these are areas ticks seem to like.

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When you do find a tick, make sure to use a tweezer to remove the tick and make sure that the legs and head are all removed. If they remain inside you it can lead to infection. Do not use rubbing alcohol to kill the tick, it is better to remove it while it is still alive. After removing a tick that was stuck into your skin disinfect the area and watch if for a few days. If it appears infected check with a healthcare professional.

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Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and hopefully these tips can make it a bit more enjoyable.

Cara Lucas

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