Men & Gut Microbiome Health: 5 Things You Can Do NOW


Chances are you hearing more and more about the microbiome, another word for the trillions of microscopic organisms that we all have in our bodies. These bacteria, viruses, fungi, and archaea are a combination of good and bad – and they have a significant impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Over the last ten years, scientists have been discovering more about how these bacteria impact us and what we can do about it. It’s an exciting frontier in science that is really taking shape.

The gut microbiome is the home base for the bacteria in your digestive tract—the bacteria and organisms in your gut help to break down food into nutrients. The good bacteria help with digestion and keep the harmful bacteria in check. Good bacteria will even multiply to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Research has also shown that gut microbiota and microbiome differ significantly between men and women. The gut microbiome is associated with many inflammation-linked diseases in men who are at higher risk for illnesses, including staphylococcus aureus colonization and infection.

Men with an imbalanced microbiome have lower hormone levels, physical health, mood, and energy. As a result, they have a higher risk of developing depression, type 1 diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. The common gut problems men get include acid reflux/gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD), ulcers, constipation, poor sleep, and in extreme cases, colon cancer.

Here are five things you can do NOW to keep your gut microbiome in equilibrium:

Eat a Healthy Diet:

Diet has a significant impact on gut health and the balance of good and bad bacteria. Reducing the number of processed, high-sugar, and high-fat foods can lead to a healthier gut. Aim for a balanced diet that includes lots of plant-based foods, lean proteins, and fiber.

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Avoid taking unnecessary medications:

The gut can still lack beneficial bacteria even six months after antibiotic use. In addition, other medications like NSAIDs, antacids, birth control, steroids, and hormone replacers can also harm your gut’s good bacteria.

Eat probiotics and prebiotics-rich foods:

They both promote good gut bacteria. Prebiotics can easily be added to your diet by eating more bananas, garlic, onions, and leafy greens. Probiotics-rich food includes yogurt and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, non-pasteurized pickled vegetables, and kefir. Or you can take them as dietary supplements.

Reduce stress and get more sleep:

Managing stress is vital for many aspects of health, including gut health, and psychological stressors can disrupt the microorganisms in the intestines. Sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in beneficial gut bacteria as well.

Take natural microbiome supplements:

They can refresh your gut with the healthy bacteria it needs to maintain a balanced microbiome and keep it healthy by supporting your immune function and controlling inflammation. Nupeutics Health is the only provider of a comprehensive product-educational platform about the impact and effectiveness of specialty natural gut supplements, including Microbiome Master, Colon Master, and Master Cleanse Bundle, as the catalysts for a healthy gut and balanced microbiome.

    • Microbiome Master is a plant-based high-quality herbal cleanse that contains 11 top-quality natural ingredients that help boost a healthy gut, increase immunity, and quell digestive issues like wormwood. This preparatory product is formulated with rich antioxidants to cleanse parasites, harmful bacteria, and candida while clearing acne and reducing acid reflux. It also improves digestion, reduces bloating, and supports the body’s natural ability to filter out toxins. It pairs well with digestive enzymes and probiotics and eliminates infections.
    • Colon Master is a wildcrafted cleanse containing the highest quality of plant-based ingredients that promise regularity and healthy bowels. This proprietary, high potency natural blend is for adult men and women to help manage constipation and eliminate waste, toxins, bloating, or digestive problems. It simply supports a healthy gut by improving digestion, reducing bloating, and alleviating constipation.
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The bottom line is this: good gut health leads to good overall health. Conversely, if your gut microbiome is out of equilibrium and the bad bacteria is taking over, this can have a negative impact on your physical as well as cognitive functions. Men are particularly susceptible. Pay attention to what you can do to stay gut happy! Daily natural supplements are an easy step in the right direction. Don’t delay, start paying attention to gut health toda

Dr. Munzer Sundos

Dr. Munzer Sundos Nupeutics Health (NEW-PU-TICS) founder and nutrition & functional ingredients specialist.

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