4 Digestion-Saving Essentials to Look for in Probiotics

probiotics for digestive support

Probiotics might be your new best friends. After all, you’ve probably heard about the bounty of health benefits that can come from taking probiotics on a regular basis.

From better digestion to less stress, immune enhancement and much more, research on probiotics gives us plenty of reasons to incorporate more friendly flora into our daily health rituals.

But do regular pill-based probiotics actually work as promised?

Maybe not, according to some reports. For example, one clinical study showed that up to 40% of patients taking a pill-based probiotic saw no benefits. These results reflect what we hear a lot in the industry: Regular probiotics don’t seem to work for many people.

And there’s a reason why. Beneficial bacteria, the kind in most probiotic formulas, need a few very specific elements in order to be truly effective for digestive health, immune enhancement, and beyond. But once these bases are covered, people often see rapid results—including relief from long-standing digestive issues.

So what are these 4 must-haves for a probiotic formula to be truly effective? Let’s take a look.

4 Digestive-Saving Must-Haves for Probiotics

Proper acid pH—In order for healthy bacteria to thrive in your digestive environment, you need to have the ideal pH…which, believe it or not, means more acid than alkaline. Optimal gut pH is between 1.5-3.5 acidity. When your gut pH is outside this range, it can allow bad bacteria to thrive…while harming good bacteria.

Prebiotic Nutrients—Beneficial bacteria are alive, and just like us, they need healthy nourishment to thrive. Prebiotic nutrients are special fibers that power up your good bacteria and help them flourish in your GI tract, delivering a wealth of digestive and other health benefits.

Herbal Digestive Support—In the “old days”, herbal digestive bitters were popular health tonics. And for good reason. Digestive-supporting herbs create a healthy GI environment, fend off bad bacteria while supporting good bacteria, and promote proper movement through the digestive tract.

Live Clinically Studied Beneficial Bacteria—Last but not least, of course, are specific strains of healthy, viable beneficial bacteria that your body needs to maintain a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. Microbiome diversity, with a variety of beneficial microbes, is becoming a key marker of health and longevity.

While this may seem like a lot to cover, there’s some good news. These four essential elements are now available within a fast-acting fermented formula called ecoProbioticfeaturing 19 organic digestive herbs, organic berry juice, prebiotic nutrients and 8 live probiotic strains.

ecoProbiotic offers rapid relief and long-term digestive support, in a best in class liquid delivery system. Because it’s a fermented digestive elixir, it works quickly and comprehensively—delivering optimal digestive benefits where other formulas often fail. ecoProbiotic harnesses the power of fermentation to balance your gut pH to the ideal levels, unlock powerful herbal nutrients, and promote optimal digestive health.

If you’re still looking for effective digestive and overall health support—or if your current probiotics simply aren’t living up to their claims—it may be time to try something new…

Something that gives your digestive system the broad-spectrum, multi-faceted support you need.

Learn more today at probioticbliss.com

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