LASIK Eye Surgery: Prepare Yourself for the Surgery

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Do you need a LASIK eye surgery for vision correction? Are you ready for this procedure? Just like any other surgery, you have to prepare yourself for LASIK. Lasik surgery is beneficial for average eyeglass wearer. With this process, you can notice the significant improvement to your vision. Results of Lasik are permanent.

Select a qualified ophthalmologist, such as Lasik plus Cherry Hill. Let him/her evaluate you to determine whether you are suitable for this surgery. It may include several tests, such as mapping, corneal thickness, prescription, and vision testing, pupil dilation and eye pressure.

Some patients find these tests intimidating, but these are painless. With these tests, your surgeon can determine the best possible treatment. Share your medical history with the doctor, such as general health concerns and eye-related issues. Give the list of medications to your doctor that you are regularly using. If you are allergic to any medicine, immediately inform your ophthalmologist.

Stop Wearing Makeup and Contact Lenses

A day before surgery, it is essential to stop using creams, perfumes, lotions, and makeup. These substances can transmit debris in your eyes. Thoroughly wash your eyes to decrease the chances of infection. Keep your skin free from moisturizers and foundations.

Remove any soft contact lenses almost one week before your laser eye surgery. Rigid gas lenses must be removed 3 – 4 weeks before surgery. It is essential to remove contact lenses because they can modify the shape of the cornea. Contact lenses can increase the risk of inaccurate measurements. As a result, your Lasik can be less effective. Make sure to wear glasses instead of contact lenses almost 3 – 4 weeks before eye surgery.

Prompt Transportation

Anxiety is common before the Lasik procedure. Sometimes, the surgeon gives anti-anxiety medicine before starting this surgery. Try to stay calm before and during laser eye surgery. You will need prompt transportation because this process will take only 20 – 30 minutes.

Arrange a Driver

On the day of operation, you must have someone to take you from an eye clinic. Doctors will restrict you from driving because of pre-surgery sedatives and protective shields. These are necessary after your surgery for the security of eyes. You can’t drive until your eyes are completely healed. For this reason, ask your friend or relative to accompany you to the clinic.

Don’t Rub or Touch Your Eyes

After Lasik, your eyes can be uncomfortable. Avoid touching your eyes to decrease the chances of infection. Wear goggles to avoid unconscious rubbing. You will need frequent checkup after your Lasik. The doctor will monitor your progress for a few months.

Use prescribed eye drops to speed up the healing procedure. Your cornea needs lubrication to avoid any irritation. Stay away from contact sports. Avoid your visits to dusty or sandy areas. Sand or dust in your eyes can cause injuries.

Avoid eating heavy meals before leaving for your surgery. Several surgeons allow you to eat a small sandwich or a fruit before taking prescription medications. Don’t wear bulky accessories or clothes. Dress casually and comfortably.

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