Investing in Blue Light Glasses for a Good Sleep Pattern

Tips for a good nights sleep

Sleep is a vital aspect of everyday life that promotes good health and well-being. Without it, our body reaches its stressed state, negatively affecting our immune system. Of course, this will then lead to us being more susceptible to illnesses and other serious problems such as depression, lower sex drive, diabetes, hypertension, and can even get as worse and fatal as stroke and heart failure. Not to mention, it can impact our appearance, making us look haggard and without that glow. Of course, you would not want that.

However, the thing is, nowadays, a lot of things are making us so busy that we tend to take our quality of sleep for granted. And with numerous studies showing that exposure to blue light present in digital screens can affect a person’s sleep pattern; the problem has gotten all the more difficult to combat. But thanks to the people behind blue light glasses, we can now have our eyes protected against too much blue light.

Investing in Blue Light Glasses for a Good Sleep Pattern

In this digital age, we are now inevitably exposed to unnatural light or blue light and this can mess up our circadian rhythm or our body’s process to regulate our sleeping cycle. Not doing anything to combat blue light exposure and disruption of circadian rhythm may have us face serious health issues in the future such as impaired brain function, increased risk of acquiring diabetes, depression, stroke, or any heart disease, increased obesity risk, a weaker immune system, and an increased inflammation.

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Fortunately, this modern world has paved the way for beneficial innovations and one of these is the invention of blue light glasses to protect our eyes from blue light and its consequential effects.

Blue light glasses are a type of eyewear whose lenses have filters that absorb blue light and UV light and block them from getting through the human e yes. In other words, when these are worn, the wearer’s exposure to blue light waves is still regulated even if he or she too long on a digital screen at night.

Aside from blue light protection, blue light glasses are also believed to be effective in reducing eye strains. That makes them ideal to wear even during daytime, especially by people who face their computers on a daily basis.

Blue light glasses can reduce or regulate blue light exposure at night.

Studies have been putting emphasis on the negative effect of blue light exposure to one’s quality of sleep. However, while this is true, the truth is blue light is not entirely bad. In fact, a bit of exposure to it is necessary to keep our circadian rhythm working at an optimum. In other words, the bad effects will only take place where there is excessive blue light exposure.

The human brain needs blue light at day time to work and signal us to stay alert and awake. It delays the production of melatonin on our body, allowing us to stay active while the sun is up. Thus, blue light exposure at day time is considered as healthy and ideal. The only time it gets bad and risky is when we are exposed to it during bed time. This is because with it around, our brain will fail to alert us that it is already a time to prepare for bed and rest.

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The sources of blue light are everywhere nowadays; we can see mobile gadgets and computers at workplaces, at houses, etc, and their screens emit blue light. When using gadgets, it will not be hard to stay awake. This is why people who are hooked with their devices tend to suffer from insomnia.

Fortunately, with blue light glasses, such risks will be eradicated.

Combat Sensory Overload and Over-stimulation through Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Over-stimulation impacts the sleeping patterns of infants and toddlers, i.e. when they are excessively stimulated by activities, lights, toys or sounds, an issue in their sleeping pattern usually follows through. This is something adults also suffer from. The disruptors however are in the form of news, social media, or other platforms that show too much information. These can trigger over thinking and are already enough to affect an adult’s quality of sleep.

Over-stimulation can also take place visually, i.e. being exposed to too many pictures or words, or being exposed to a combination of these by merely staring at a phone screen or television. However, this is an issue people often overlook. These are simple to deal with, nonetheless. Solutions can be in the form of keeping away from social media and news, ridding any visual materials surrounding the area, or simply investing in a good pair of blue light glasses to wear.

“To invest or not to invest in blue light glasses?”

The answer to this question depends on what issues you are trying to address.

If it is eye strain you want to treat or get rid of, some experts have pointed out that blue light glasses are not the best solution for this as eye fatigue is not mainly triggered by blue light exposure. According to them, it is not the blue light that causes eye strain. Instead, the latter is just an effect of long screen exposure where less eye blinking and close-range eye focus are inevitable. So, to address this, the eye muscles just need to be relaxed through regular breaks. Here is where the 20-20-20 rule comes in handy.

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If it is your quality of sleep you want to restore and sustain, then blue light glasses are worth investing. Experts recommend wearing blue light glasses during the night time to help you restore your normal sleep pattern as they help keep your circadian rhythm working at an optimum. Blue light delays the release of melatonin or the sleepy hormone. Blue light glasses protect your eyes from blue light; hence, potential delays will be eradicated. Plus, you can finally say bye to dry, stressed eyes and migraines that are often linked to blue light exposure from digital screens.

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