7 Natural Ways To Destress This Winter


Unfortunately for most of us, stress is a part of life. While some people may need medication, therapy, and so on to manage stress and anxiety, some of us want to take the natural route first. Ideally, you would look at your life and see where you could cut back and destress. In this article, however, we’re going to focus not on cutting stress out of your life but on managing the stress you already have. Here are seven easy, natural ways to destress, right now. 

Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks might seem counterproductive – wouldn’t you get more done if you just worked solidly until your task was completed? In short, no. Regular breaks allow you to relax and to give your body and mind a chance to heal up. 


While it’s nobody’s favorite word, exercise is crucial to a healthy mind and body. Exercise keeps us fit, and releases endorphins that reduce stress and make us feel happy. You don’t need to engage in extremely vigorous exercise – a brisk walk, a bicycle ride, or a swim can do the trick. 


Vaping is somewhat controversial, and certainly not for everybody. However, vaping is commonly used as stress relief, and is an ideal stepping-stone for someone quitting smoking – which is an extremely stressful process. For more information on vaping products and shops near you, simply Google “Online Vape Shop” to see where you can buy products online. 

Take Up Journaling

Writing down your feelings can help get things straight in your mind, as well as help you to work through complex feelings. If you’re in search of an outlet, a journal can be your best friend. No judgment, no glazed, no “I’m too busy”. Your journal is there for you, always. 

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Mindfulness is a way of connecting with the here and now. It involves invoking our senses and taking stock of everything we see, hear, smell, and touch. It involves slowing down, enjoying every bite of food, every sip of water, and every breath we take. Mindfulness slows down even the busiest of minds and can be used alongside meditation and breathing exercises. Mindfulness is a tried-and-tested way of destressing. 

Reframe and Refocus 

It’s easy to lose track of reason when we’re stressed. Taking the time to sit down and concentrate on how we feel right now is an excellent start to destressing. Reframe your situation, working out what exactly the problem is, and then refocus on your end goal. This requires asking yourself some difficult, serious questions along the way. 


Last but certainly not least, music is a fantastic way to destress. Virtually all of us like music, and music has powerful soothing, and uplifting properties. Music can make us feel like nothing else can. 

Whichever way you choose to destress, be sure to keep an eye on your own anxiety levels and mental health. Take time out for yourself, and if possible, cut sources of the stress out of your life. 

Andres Ellis

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