How to care for knee pain?

There are many causes for knee pain, and if you or a loved one are going through any kind of pain, the first thing you should do is to go the doctor and determine the cause of the pain. Knee ache could be short term and long term, and if its short term, you might not need any extensive treatment and can simply take care of it at home.

We have some home remedies that can make your healing process much easier. Even though treatment normally depends on the type of pain you have, but these tips will help you relieve some kinds of pain.

Physical activities

Exercise does not only help in treating pain but also in preventing it. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of knee pain to happen, and with the help of different kinds of exercises, it can be delayed.

Exercise can help boost the help of the cartilage tissue, as well as strengthen your bones and muscles. If you have joint pain, you can also try water aerobics, as that lessens the strain put on the joints.

Hence, we would recommend that you include running, walking, jogging, swimming or even dancing as an essential part of your life.


You need to rest if you are in pain. Resting can ease your pain by a lot. Moreover, you also need to refrain from activities that increase your pain rather than decreasing it.

Some people with knee pain have trouble while showering, and if that happens to you as well, you should try to easily shower   using a shower chair.

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Similarly, you should look for alternative options that bring comfort rather than more pain. Rest can reduce further risk of injury and can give the pain more time to heal.

Weight and balanced diet

Being overweight comes with problems of its own. People who have extra weight or are obese are easy targets of knee pain. The extra weight means that the joints have to work more now, and when you lose weight, the knee pain naturally goes down. Excessive weight causes inflammation, and that causes knee pain as well.

Once you start eating healthy and maintaining your weight, you can not only make your pain better but also prevent it from happening again. Talk to a nutritionist to give you a suitable diet plan that will improve your overall health. Enjoy meals with more nutrients, start slow with changing your diet such as eating healthy snack alternatives instead of high fat and high sodium food.

Massage the pain away

Whether you do it yourself, or ask someone to do it to you, massages are overall, very comforting. They can reduce the pain by a lot and even help decrease any pain or swelling that might have happened. You can use your favorite massage oil and use your fingers and palm to give light strokes in circular manner, to increase blood flow in the pain region, which will help with the pain.

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