Bad Habits That Cause Joint Pains

Joint Pains

Most people fall in the trap of treating an ailment rather than finding ways to prevent the complication. Some conditions such as joint pains may occur naturally from within your system, but some causes may very much be avoided. Your lifestyle may be the cause of  future ailments you may encounter. The harsh reality is when you are old; you need your body in shape more than the younger generation. Unfortunately, most people have poor health when they get old, and it is attributed to how they lived in their youth. Joint pains and arthritis affect the older generation more than young people. It causes severe pain that affects mobility and reduces the quality of your life in old age. However, you can note the habits you have today that may cause joint pains in the future, and avoid them when you can. You will have your health to thank you when age doesn’t affect your body. You can visit our website and get in touch if you experience joint pains such as Hazlet joint pain.

Wearing High Heels

Ladies who love high heels enjoy the attention it brings due to body enhancement and posture. However, it comes at the cost of their health, starting with their feet. The stance is not natural to the feet and makes foot muscles and the bones to strain. The strain may develop into  foot complications in the future. You also cause awkward knee movement and stress on your thigh muscles that affects your joints. It would help if you also avoided flat shoes that put pressure on your feet and hurt your back.

Cracking Your Knuckles

You have probably cracked your knuckles at least once in your lifetime. Most people do not know that developing that habit may cause them joint complications. When you form the pattern, the cracking sound comes from ligaments rubbing on bones or bubbles in the joint fluid bursting. You may not develop a severe condition, but you weaken your joints from the habit. You can replace the habit with a positive one, such as having a stress ball that helps to strengthen muscles.

Use of Heavy Backpacks

An overloaded backpack can strain the back, neck, and shoulders. The load puts pressure on the joints that make developing joint complications likely. People have developed the habit of carrying their bags on one side; this puts pressure on one side of your shoulder and may cause muscle and joint pains. If you use a single strap pack or wish to continue using one strap at a time, then shift the load of the bag to the other side of your shoulder. It helps to distribute the weight on both shoulders. Ensure you also carry what is necessary for your bags to control the load on your body.

Minimize Texting with Your Thumb

Your thumb serves the use of your hand by doing up to 60% of its functions. When you lose your thumb, most of your hand functionalities such as grip are lost. Texting with your thumb strains the ligaments at the joints, which makes it weak and likely to develop problems. Straining your neck when you bend your head and touch your chest especially when you slouch may cause neck ailments in the future. You also strain your shoulders when you bend down to text. You may not eliminate the use of a phone, but minimize consistent use to preserve your health.

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