Comfort Matters – Which Mattress Comfort Layer Should Be Right For You

Mattresses are the lifeline for people who wish to get comforting and restful sleeps. Therefore you will need to make informed choice, whenever you purchase new mattresses. Wrong choices can lead to injuries, which can become worse, if you do not change your mattress immediately.

If you do not get proper sleeps in the night, then it is a good indication that the time has come for you to change your mattress. Many advanced features have been added to the mattresses to make them as comfortable as possible.

The comfort layers of the mattresses provide cushioning that helps to provide proper support to your body. The mattresses are made up various components like, middle upholstery, insulator, padding, quilting, springs, etc. They come in three different categories – Progressive models, differential mattresses, zoned mattresses.

In this post, we shall check out some of the materials that are commonly used as Comfort Layers for mattresses. That will help you in identifying the right types of products that will suit your requirements perfectly.

Latex –

Latex is derived from a rubber tree. The latex layer is generally made up of a mixture of natural latex and synthetic latex. Some of the companies manufacture mattresses that are made exclusively with the natural latex. There also popularly called as the organic mattresses.

The mixture of natural and synthetic latex differs in different mattresses, and thus their prices also varies accordingly. If the ratio of natural latex is more, the mattress will be more expensive. For purchasing the best mattresses you can visit They offer top quality products far the most reasonable prices.

Latex is considered high-end comfort mattress material, because it gives your body proper support and rest. This types mattress is very good for people suffering from back pain, joint pain, and for the people who need more cushion to sleep. It will help you in getting a restful sleeps without worsening your injuries.

Polyurethane Foam –

Also known as poly foam, it is a synthetically designed material derived from polyols and isocynates. Foam material is generally used for creating spring mattresses, but it can be used in complete foam mattresses as well.

This mattress material is a low quality material because it has low density. That is one of the reasons why it can lose its shape in a matter of just a few months. This type of her mattress cannot provide adequate comfort, which is why it is not recommended for people suffering from back pain or joint pain.

This type of mattress might suit people, who do not have any health issues or any preferences for sleeping. Before buying polyfoam, make sure you know about its grade and contents used.

Memory Foam –

This mattress material is very soft in nature and is considered best for any type of people. The memory foam is created by polyurethane mixed with other chemicals. The memory foam adjusts itself according to the body temperature. The foam takes the shape of the body and once the mattress cools down, it comes back to its original shape.

The mattress is said to always remember its original shape, therefore, it is called as memory foam. The memory foam comes in two types namely – open cell memory foam and closed cell memory foam. The density of the foam also varies. The low density foam will cost lesser and vice versa. Please be reminded that the high density memory mattresses can last you for many years.

Natural fibers –

Other than the different types of materials mentioned above, many natural fibers can also be used as comfort layers. Some of the popular comfort layers of mattresses are wool, silk, cotton, horse hair or horsetail, plant fiber, etc.. Natural fibers are very comfortable, but the cost of the mattress is too high.

There are many other comfort layer materials like gels, coils etc, which can be used for making mattresses. Comfort layer differs from one mattress to another. The difference can be related to density of the material, the mixture of different materials used in the mattress, the ratio of natural and synthetic layers being used, and most importantly the cost of the comfort layer.

You should know that higher price of the mattress does not mean it will comfort you. Before buying the mattress, you should know your body requirements and which mattress will suit the most. You should do a detailed research to buy, an ideal mattress. Also you will need to consider the measurement of your cot and choose the ideal product accordingly.

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