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Gut Goodness

The science is in—gut health is whole body health, and Gut Goodness prebiotics derived from the ancient “tree of life” should be part of a holistic health strategy. Gut health and the human microbiome have become hot topics among today’s health-conscious consumers as medical experts reveal newly-discovered wellness benefits of a robust digestive system and the positive impacts of prebiotics.

Enter Gut Goodness, a ready-to-drink prebiotic supplement derived from the fruit and bark pulp of the Baobab Tree and the brainchild of former collegiate athlete and beverage branding expert Mo Harruna. As Harruna undertook development of a new, health-focused beverage, he considered both the physiology and the consumer buzz around gut health and the potential impact that the right biotic formula could have on the growing marketplace. As he researched possible solutions, Harruna ultimately thought of the “tree of life”—the Baobab Tree from his native Ghana. Baobab is rich in protective antioxidants and filled with polyphenols, micronutrients and other plant compounds that protect cells from damage, manage inflammation and encourage the growth of beneficial gut flora. Renowned in Harruna’s homeland as a remedy for digestive issues and for sustaining overall health, Baobab’s proven efficacy as an all-natural prebiotic was backed by nutritional evidence—12 times the fiber of apples, six times the vitamin C of oranges, six times the antioxidants of pomegranate and twice the calcium of milk.

Gut Goodness is launching in retail locations in Southern California and the Atlanta metro market this summer, and is also now available online direct to consumers at Harruna’s mantra—”focus on goodness”— directs five percent of all sales will be given back to the community via the Goodness Community he has formed to support individuals and associations that are doing good works for their community..

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About founder Mo Harruna
The story behind the brand is truly fascinating. Founder Mo Harruna was born in Ghana, was sent to live with relatives during a political upheaval and ultimately sent to the United States for his safety and education. He was able to earn a soccer scholarship to attend Georgia State University where he graduated with a BBA/MPA in Marketing. While coaching youth soccer, Harruna made a strong impression on a leading Atlanta advertising agency executive and was soon working on iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Holiday Inn for Ogilvy & Mather – one of the premier global ad agencies. One day while reminiscing about Ghana with his mother, Harruna got the idea to create his own brand using the fruit of the famous Baobab tree.

About Gut Health
Greek physician and father of modern medicine Hippocrates posited that disease begins in the gut, a theory validated by today’s medical and scientific experts. From direct defense against pathogens to independent communication with the central nervous system, the gut is the primary location of the human microbiome, the connected biologic system of organs, processes and mechanisms controlling the human body. Acting as a “second brain” to provide and direct the chemicals, compounds and antibodies needed to prime our metabolic processes and fortify our body’s immune systems, the gut microbiome is central to sustained human health and vitality.

About Gut Goodness
Gut Goodness is ready-to-drink and served in four delicious flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Mango Green Tea and Hibiscus, as well as Watermelon energy drink version. Gut Goodness powder is also available online as a great way to make your smoothies a healthier choice.

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