Chiropractors Treat People with Spinal Cord Dysfunction

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful for those who suffer from whiplash, arthritis, cerebral palsy, or a spinal cord injury that limits movement. Various treatment methods are typically combined to address discomforts or compensate for activities undertaken with restricted mobility.

There are many complementary therapies in which chiropractors can seek postgraduate training or board certification, including nutrition, massage, sports injury, and physical rehabilitation. Your local NYC chiropractor is well-trained in many disciplines, which can help keep their patients in the best possible shape.

Individuals who use wheelchairs, or spend long hours sitting in a chair with limited movement need to develop strength and complete regular stretching exercises. A program designed to compensate for the impact on spinal posture and muscles should be specific to their abilities and condition.

Spinal manipulation

Typically, chiropractors perform spinal adjustments above the injury level for paraplegics. But anyone who spends long hours sitting in a chair will need passive adjustments to mobilize the pelvis, lower back, and extremities. X-rays are an important tool for diagnosing problems that might be masked by pain or nerve damage.

For individuals who regularly transfer in and out of a wheelchair, mobility is critical. Regular adjustments can provide relief for shoulder problems, back and rib pain, and neck pain associated with wheelchair use. Because of the constant reliance on the upper body, adjustments are augmented by stretching and strengthening programs.

Massage therapy

The human spine cannot easily sit in a chair for long periods of time. A seated position makes the muscles supporting the spine work hard to keep you upright, causing stiffness and discomfort. If the seat, back, and arms of the chair aren?t in proper alignment, it can cause your lower back to slump and pull your head and upper backbones forward. Proper posture is hard to maintain for extended periods, leading to imbalanced muscles and discomfort.

Massage is a complementary therapy for chiropractic adjustments, because the muscles and skeletal system work together to achieve and maintain optimum alignment. Relaxing the muscles can relieve strain on your skeletal system and address tension, stiffness, and pain. Massage allows muscles to work more efficiently so they won?t become fatigued.

Strengthening exercises

People with limited mobility need to have a strong core and upper body to compensate for their inability to balance using the lower half of their body. They are also prone to repetitive use injuries brought on by a limited range of motion. Strengthening exercises reinforce chiropractic adjustments, preventing future injuries and help ensure the maximum range of movement. Balanced muscle strength can restore range of motion to the spine and help maintain a pain-free existence.

Chiropractors treat people with limited mobility

Spinal alignment is critical to people who spend long hours seated due to limited mobility. Depending upon a patient?s condition, chiropractors can use different treatments to accommodate their condition and the resulting symptoms. A combination of therapies including adjustments, massage, and strength and stretching exercises keep the spine, shoulders, and ribs, moving in a complete ? and painless ? range of motion. Keeping the spine aligned and the muscles and ligaments strong and balanced will prevent stress due to imbalances.

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