Understanding The Difference Between Various CBD Products

For the millions of Americans that suffer from daily chronic pain and inflammation, we feel your pain. The adverse effects of chronic pain on mind, body, and spirit can really take their toll over time, causing mood swings, reduced mobility, and foggy thinking.

Some of us opt for prescription drug intervention, while others look for a more natural means of pain management that will not result in long term consequences. Cannabidiol or CBD for short, is becoming one of the preferred methods of pain management and total body wellness for people around the world.

Benefits of CBD

One of the major reasons for CBD becoming so popular in recent years is that it provides all of the following benefits without altering the mind or body in ways that compromise health and wellbeing. Some of the more notable benefits of CBD products include:

  1. Pain relief–CBD derivatives have been used to treat pain since 2900 B.C. It’s either an effective painkiller or the most convincing placebo of all time.
  2. Reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms–Anxiety and depression have long-reaching effects that can significantly impact the quality of life of an individual. CBD oils, tinctures, and other products have the ability to calm excited receptors in the brain, helping to produce a calm feeling of well-being. As a result, people note that anxiety and depression symptoms are greatly reduced, and they are able to enjoy lifeś daily situations once more.
  3. Reduction in inflammation across bodyś various systems—the use of CBD products has been known to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, providing pain relief while lowering levels of inflammation in the body that can cause the immune system to attack itself. Several recent studies have also pointed to its effectiveness in treating acne and other topical skin conditions, calming overactive receptors in subcutaneous layers of skin, helping to facilitate the skinś natural ability to self heal.
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Read on to see some of the more commonly used products, and see which one is best for you and your unique health conditions:


CBD oil tinctures are made by soaking the dried hemp flower in a mixture of glycerin and alcohol. To use a tincture, place a few drops of the highly concentrated cannabidiol under your tongue and leave it there for at least thirty seconds for maximum absorption.


CBD oil is made from extracts mixed with a carrier oil, usually hemp oil or olive oil. It’s fairly easy to ingest CBD oil; you can either swallow in pill form, ingest in liquid form, or you can even use it in cooking to make taking supplements nearly effortless. A note of caution on cooking with CBD oil–the hotter the oil gets, the less effective the CBD compound will be. Cook carefully.

Rubs and balms

These products are made of CBD oil essence mixed with solids and lotions with the intention of rubbing the product onto or into the skin. CBD is often mixed with other products such as essential oils, menthol, and other cooling products when applying to the skin. Look for balms, creams, and lotions that are non-comedogenic and will not have an adverse effect on the skin.

Gummies and edibles

CBD companies are getting smart–they have now begun to make CBD products that are easily chewed and swallowed, and some of them are downright delicious! Multi-flavored candy gummies, cookies, and chocolate are just a few of the offerings that exist for pain management and a feeling of overall well being; they are easy to transport and easy to take.

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The options are nearly endless

When taking a look at your unique health needs and the reason you feel CBD would be a helpful supplement, youĺl likely be able to find a product on the above list that suits your needs perfectly. Just make sure to consult the latest scientific literature regarding the medicinal properties of cannabidiol before pursuing a particularly intensive regimen. With all of the benefits to be had and the options for easy incorporation into your wellness plan, the only difficult decision will be choosing one to try.

Get ready to look better, feel better, and have more energy than you have experienced in quite some time. You deserve a healthy and vibrant life, and CBD products can help you improve your health and vitality in wonderful ways.

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