Optimize Your Use of CBD With These Miracle Combos

Image of CBD Oil and a cannabis plant

Only 60 of cannabis’ 400 compounds are unique to the cannabis plant. Those 60 compounds are called cannabinoids. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabinoid group that has in recent years been found to have numerous medicinal and therapeutic effects without the side effect of intoxication. In other words, CBD provides health benefits without making you high. CBD can be used to effectively treat depression, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, inflammation, diabetes, insomnia, and chronic pain. As such, its role in the medical and psychology fields is turning out to be invaluable.

The purest and most potent form of CBD is known as CBD isolate, which is usually found in powder, crystal, and wax form. It is made by refining hemp oil until only CBD is left, making it completely natural. Many opt for CBD isolate over full-spectrum CBD (which contains an array of other cannabinoids) because it works quickly, is highly potent, and is convenient to use. CBD isolate can be consumed topically, orally, smoked, and vaporized. Also, due to the fact that CBD isolate is pure, the amount consumed can easily be controlled, a necessity for certain medical uses.

Anything that is taken orally, or eaten, means that its active ingredients are absorbed by way of the digestive system. While CBD taken orally can effectively treat some of the body and the mind’s ails on its own, it can prove even more effective when combined with other substances. The reason for this has to do with the body’s ability to absorb what is consumed, also known as bioavailability.

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To explain further how this works in relation to CBD, when CBD is taken on an empty stomach, its bioavailability is lowered as a result of first pass metabolism. Before CBD can start to circulate through the body, it passes through the digestive system. In that time, the liver’s enzymes oxidize CBD into a variety of metabolites which the body does not end up using. However, this process can be altered. While the body is not necessarily able to absorb all the CBD it takes in on its own, taking it with certain other substances can increase its bioavailability.

CBD with Turmeric and Black Pepper

Both CBD and turmeric have fairly low bioavailability on their own. Turmeric has the ability to help inflammation and cardiovascular health because it contains curcumin. Curcumin unfortunately is broken down by the liver too quickly for the body to get many of its benefits, meaning only a small fraction of it is absorbed. However, black pepper has long been known to increase absorption of turmeric because it contains pipertine.

Like black pepper to turmeric is turmeric to CBD in terms of bioavailability. With black pepper increasing the absorption rate of turmeric and turmeric increasing the absorption rate of CBD, you now have a chain reaction that enhances the health benefits for the body without increasing the intake of any of the substances.

For instance, both CBD and turmeric serve to relieve inflammation, CBD with particularly potent anti-inflammatory effects. Increasing the bioavailability of both substances will then multiply their ability to provide relief. A person who suffers from multiple sclerosis, a disease caused by inflammation in the central nervous system, would have much to benefit from the combination of CBD with turmeric and black pepper, as would others suffering from other inflammatory conditions.

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CBD with Fatty Acids

 Fatty acids, known as medium and long-chain triglycerides, help with CBD bioavailability as well. CBD concentration is lost through first pass metabolism, but when fatty acids are consumed alongside CBD, they act as a binding agent that limits how much CBD is lost, leaving significantly more to be absorbed. Certain foods and most oils and fats contain fatty acids. Some great options are coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, avocado, eggs, fish, and meat.

Take for example the combination of CBD with fish. CBD is known to increase heart health by reducing blood pressure and heart inflammation. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are known to increase heart health as well by lowering cholesterol. Putting the two together, which raises the bioavailability of CBD, making it even more effective, can then provide the positive effects to the heart exponentially.

What’s more, turmeric absorption also increases from pairing them with fatty acids. Therefore, adding something like coconut oil, with two-thirds of its fat content being medium-chain triglycerides, to the CBD-turmeric-black pepper combo even further increases the health benefits of all included substances once again.

This information about how certain foods increase the bioavailability of CBD has led to the creation of ready-made products containing these combinations of substances. Upon searching, it won’t take long to realize how easy it is find CBD products with turmeric and black pepper, for example. However, simply consuming CBD with a meal that includes any of the aforementioned combinations works just as well.

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