Is CBD The Future of Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine received much skeptical feedback at the beginning of the modern world. Even though essential oils, plants, and other natural mixtures have been used for centuries to treat maladies. Since modern pharmaceuticals can be more effective in certain circumstances, the old ways of doing medicine often received scoffs and scorn.

But today, one can’t ignore the alternative medicine market. People are realizing that there are, in fact, benefits to using both modern medicine and all-natural remedies, and the media is making that well-known.

More and more healthcare professionals are encouraging alternative medicine practices as well. They look at health as a holistic challenge, not something that can only be solved through pharmaceuticals or professional treatment. Many doctors will suggest things like chiropractic services, acupuncture, essential oils, and other remedies that were once taboo topics in the professional medical field.

Among the many exciting and groundbreaking alternative medicine trends is CBD. This is a hemp-derived product that yields a host of mental and physical health benefits according to the hundreds of thousands of people who use it regularly. Many doctors are recommending CBD for certain ailments as well. Whether it’s CBD pills from Penguin CBD or a pure tincture from a legal local dispensary, CBD has shown great promise in helping people around the world.

The rapidly growing industry of CBD as well as the vast number of individuals who use it indicate that CBD is here to stay, and it could be a massive part of alternative medicine.

How CBD Works

CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is low in THC and high in cannabidiol (CBD). Using CO2 oxidation, the THC is extracted from the plant so that there’s less than 0.3 percent THC in any CBD products. Therefore, it’s non-psychoactive.

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CBD is considered alternative medicine because not only is it fully plant-based, but there’s also little research to back up the fact that CBD can help treat a series of mental and physical health problems. It’s believed that it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating hormones and immune responses. Ample anecdotal stories indicate that CBD is an amazing product with many health benefits, however.

“Due to its years in the illegal wilderness, there is very little in the way of hard scientific evidence for the efficacy of cannabis and its many constituents,” Rob James, a UK CBD producer told “Until recently it has been almost impossible to carry out thorough randomized controlled trials, thus most academic research has been confined to vivo and vitro studies.”

James continues, saying that there has been clinical research to indicate that CBD might help with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis muscle contraction, and symptoms like nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy treatments.

“There is fair-to-good evidence that cannabinoids are effective treatments for sleep disorders, stimulating appetite, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiety, PTSD, brain injury, dementia and glaucoma.”

CBD is most commonly used as a treatment for pain and anxiety. Multiple studies, both informal and clinical, indicate that those with chronic pain or general anxiety disorders who use CBD regularly experience significant relief compared to those who don’t.

CBD is also used to treat certain types of epilepsy and seizure syndromes. The FDA recently approved a medication called Epidiolex, which has helped several children regain their lives after contracting debilitating and frequent seizures.

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Misconceptions on CBD Abound

Another issue regarding CBD’s state in modern medicine is the misconceptions about the product. As explained above, CBD is not equivalent to marijuana, but that doesn’t stop rumors from circulating that they’re the same thing.

Many government organizations, politicians, and individuals have strongly opposed CBD because they believe it to have drug-like properties. They don’t realize that CBD doesn’t have to have the same psychoactive properties of marijuana to be effective. As such, even medical professionals will insert strong opinions about CBD to stop their patients from ever using it.

Despite the misconceptions that have arisen from false misconceptions, the barriers are finally falling. It’s becoming more universally recognized that CBD can be a useful tool for treating many, many health problems. It has made a strong name for itself in alternative medicine with a promising future.

Research on CBD Begins

CBD’s future is looking incredibly bright. Not only is the industry a multi-billion-dollar market, but it is also gaining more attention from organizations that can help it go mainstream. In the last few years, the USDA has gotten involved in farming practices for all hemp products, ensuring that no impurities are found in hemp cultivated in farms where the USDA regulates.

Furthermore, the U.S. Government finally got involved in the research aspect of CBD. They’ve granted $3 million to research organizations to perform clinical studies on the effectiveness and potential risks of CBD. There will be three projects, and one of them will include human trials.

This research is a huge breakthrough in the cannabis industry, and the lack of research is the biggest factor that has limited CBD’s mainstream potential. With further findings to show how CBD can benefit the general public, it’s only a matter of time before CBD becomes better known for its medicinal properties.

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The research will be slow and not quite as comprehensive as CBD fans would like at the beginning, but it will be a great start. With time, CBD could become a recognized medicinal solution in the professional medical community. It could also be part of many prescription pharmaceuticals that are used regularly among society.

Until that time, however, CBD will maintain its alternative medicine status. It will maintain its popularity, and CBD lovers will always spout great things about CBD and all it offers.

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