Heads Up: CBD Product Launches You Should Definitely Look Forward to

CBD is getting more and more in-demand. With a lot of people wanting to experience its pain-relieving and stress-busting properties, it’s not surprising to find brands and companies finding ways to meet that demand. This is why they work so hard in coming up with products that will meet the needs of their consumers.

This 2019 is no different. In fact, this year, you can expect more CBD products to hit the market. If you are curious to know what those products are, read on.

Pet products

Humans aren’t the only ones that can experience pain and discomfort. There are also animals that deal with them on a regular basis.

One particular marketer came up to meet that demand. Martha Stewart decided to launch her own CBD products that are geared towards pets.

Her products are guaranteed to be high-quality CBD health products. She made sure of that by teaming up with one of the biggest marijuana producers.

Now, while CBD is helpful in dealing with specific health concerns in pets, the brand isn’t stopping pet owners to reach out to their vets for guidance. 


The food and beverage industry is probably the latest one to benefit from CBD. People who are looking for more convenient ways to consume their daily dose of CBD are actually too happy about it.

These days, you can get CBD in your coffee, ice cream, chocolate, and even your cheeseburger. In fact, in Denver, Colorado, Carl’s Jr is offering burgers laced with CBD. 

In consuming foods and drinks with CBD, it’s highly important for you to know what you are taking in. You see, even though CBD offers health benefits, the results you’ll get will be affected by the quality and purity of the CBD oil used.

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This makes it critical that you do your research to really get to know what you’re consuming.

Apart from that, consuming CBD through food and drinks can make it hard for you to determine the dose you’re taking. With that, consider starting low so you can see the effects of CBD on your body and your symptoms.

Jelly beans

For those who are looking for sweet treats, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings with CBD-infused gummies and jelly beans. The brand has launched about 38 different flavors. There’s mango, toasted marshmallow, and mango. There’s even a sugar-free version which is good if you’re dealing with diabetes.

Creams and patches

CBD is no longer limited when it comes to forms. Apart from edibles and tinctures you can use to ease discomfort and stress, you can now get them in creams, patches, and even sprays.

And the best part?

You can actually get them in your local Walgreens pharmacy. The products are fully stocked in the company’s 1,500 stores nationwide.

Final Thoughts

CBD is gaining popularity for its health benefits. With that, you can expect brands and companies to continue producing ground-breaking CBD products.

As with everything you take for your health, consume such products with caution. If possible, seek the guidance of your healthcare provider. 

You should also pay a closer attention to how your body will respond to them. Remember, people don’t react to CBD products in the same way.

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