Big Day Nerves? How CBD Could Help

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Over the past few months, some of the biggest online bridal magazines in the world have thrown their support behind CBD. Two of which being and – both advocating and recommending the use of CBD oil for brides-to-be. But to what extent does evidence to date support such claims? Could CBD really hold the key to your dream wedding, by eliminating those overwhelming nerves?

Pre-Wedding Nerves and Anxiety

In an ideal world, the run-up to the biggest day of your life would be filled with nothing but joy, excitement and optimism. In the real world, it tends to be a prolonged period of stress, worry and anxiety. All of which have the potential to take some of the luster away from what should be a magical experience.

This is where CBD may come into the equation.  One of the most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis family of plants, CBD has been associated with an extensive range of beneficial effects, examples of which include balancing key bodily functions like inflammation, digestion, appetite, sleep and mood. If it’s true to say that CBD can reduce anxiety, combat stress and aid restful sleep, it could indeed be a dream ticket for nervous brides (and grooms) worldwide.

The Science of CBD

Although CBD raw extract is derived from Sativa L, a plant in the Cannabis family, this industrial hemp variant naturally contains only minute traces of THC, the compound that causes psychoactive reactions or “highs”. The CBD products derived from Sativa L are 100% non-psychoactive so CBD’s effects are entirely therapeutic. For those concerned that they should consume zero THC, CBD isolate and CBD distillate products such as gummies, and capsules are the perfect way to go, but there really is no need to worry.

The popularity of CBD is accelerating like never before. Whilst UK regulators are currently only licencing medical grade Cannabinoid products for epilepsy, wider anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that the hype surrounding CBD products is indeed justified. In the United States, for example, a study carried out by Brightfield Group and Hello MD found that more than 40% of CBD users had found their supplements so effective that they had completely halted their use of medications like Vicodin and Tylenol.  In addition, 80% stated that the CBD products they used were “very or extremely effective.”

Right now, the most popular application for over the counter CBD products is the reduction or elimination of stress and anxiety. Research is currently taking place on CBD as a treatment for the symptoms of PTSD, ADHD and a wide variety of sleep disorders.  This focus on the wider effects of CBD on the nervous system makes it easy to understand the growing popularity of CBD among those approaching their big day.

The Sceptic’s Viewpoint

There remains a sizeable audience of sceptics who are not yet convinced with any of the above. This is primarily due to the fact that most CBD products are yet to receive the formal approval or recommendation of official public health bodies for any condition other than epilepsy. In this situation, UK GPs cannot prescribe it for any other conditions as it is not yet licensed for them.

For people wanting to try CBD for anxiety and stress, then, it must be bought as a food supplement to be legal to purchase in Europe. A most important issue is the quality of the CBD oil on offer. Reputable companies will offer laboratory test results which prove the level of cannabinoid in their CBD oil products, and be able to trace their product from the grower all the way to delivery to your door. A few disreputable companies may still offer low strength CBD oils with confusing labelling, so always check the strength of CBD per drop or dose, which should be clearly stated on the packaging by law.

CBD affects different people in different ways – some experiencing much greater relief from stress and anxiety than others, so not all users will report the same benefits. Users will only really know if CBD is a good option by taking it, so it is a good idea to try it before your special day. It can make some people sleepy – a benefit if you are not sleeping well, but not desirable during your ceremony. If affected that way you may wish to only use it before bed. Other users report it enhances focus, which could help enhance the day. Most manufacturers recommend a test run and building up the dose over a few weeks to find the optimum levels for the individual.

It’s increasingly difficult to ignore the anecdotal evidence supporting the potential therapeutic properties of CBD. Particularly when it comes to important and stressful engagements like weddings, CBD is becoming the supplement of choice for mindful and health-conscious brides all over the world.

Anyone considering food supplements for anxiety-relief is advised to speak to their doctor, but there’s a good chance the calming effects of CBD could be just the ticket for your big day.

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