5 CBD Edibles That You Should Try

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CBD is becoming one of the most popular health options for those seeking benefits naturally. When purchased from a reputable business, CBD is a quality and highly concentrated derivative that can cure and treat many chronic medical conditions including sleep problems, depression, anxiety, headaches and Parkinson’s Disease. A reason why so many people are turning to CBD is because of its high success rates and no psychoactive effects. 

When deciding which kind of CBD product to try, it can be overwhelming to choose one since there are so many types, both ingestible and topical. There are lower dose gummies and high dose chocolates and even sauces. We’re going to help narrow down your choices and choose the top five CBD edibles that are worth trying. 

CBD Gummies

These gummies are amazing since they look and taste like normal gummy bears, but filled with CBD. By itself, CBD is very bitter and has such an unpleasant flavor that is hidden by sugar and fruit juices from the gummies. Luckily they are each filled with an exact dosage amount every time you take one, so you never have to worry about taking more or not enough. This is a great option for anyone looking to try CBD at a lower, constant dosage. 

CBD Honey

This is a great way to get a dose of CBD when you are drinking hot tea, cooking, or using in a cake batter instead of sugar. There are two different forms of CBD honey: the honey pot and honey sticks. The honey pot is the one we are all familiar with – just a tub or container of liquid honey used for just about anything. Honey sticks are convenient in that they are portable, single-serve sticks containing 10 mg of CBD. Just sweetin a cup of coffee or tea, drizzle on fruit or squeeze them right into your mouth. 

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This kind of CBD product surely satisfies your sweet tooth while getting your daily dose of CBD. They are portable and convenient just like the honey sticks and gummies, but also better than almost any other chocolate on the market. CBD is soluble in fats like peanut butter and chocolate, so when that craving for chocolate hits you, just grab one of these and get some sweetness in your day to day life! 

CBD Sauce

Add some flavor to your meats and dinners by using CBD sauce, which comes in BBQ flavors, hot sauces, olive oils, and marinades. These sauces are perfect for using as rubs on meat and fish, and the olive oil is a great dipping sauce for your favorite baguettes. Most hot sauces have 250 mg of CBD per bottle, and most other sauces have 500 mg in them. 

CBD Dried Fruit

As the perfect healthy snack, CBD dried fruit is a great way to add more variety to your normal CBD health routine. This is great for keeping at your work desk or when you’re heading out on a camping trip and need your CBD, and a healthy snack all in one. Even add the dried fruit to your dinners or salads, or an infused rub for your steak. 

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