Condition Spotlight

Conventional Western medicine tends to view all prostate issues as conditions that can be treated solely with medication, surgery, or medical devices. Alternative physicians, by contrast, look at the underlying causes, whether physical or mental, internal or external. This approach can result in a more pronounced and longer lasting improvement in overall health. Some of the alternative modalities most often used in the treatment of men’s health issues include diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, natural hormone therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Save Your Prostate Health

It’s true that prostate problems are common after age 50. The good news is there are many things you can do. The prostate is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It’s Read More

Prostate health issues are common. By the age of 50, about 30% of men will start to experience difficulties with urination related to enlargement of the prostate gland or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Increases in the number of times a man has to urinate, along with a frequent sensation of having to urinate (especially at night), are among some of the early signs. In addition, a reduction in the force and caliber of urination is also characteristic of prostatic enlargement. Instability of the detrusor muscle (the outer muscle layer of the bladder) can even result in urinary incontinence.

Enlargement of the prostate is usually caused by an abnormal overgrowth or swelling of the tissue of the prostate, which then blocks the urethra (opening from the bladder). Problems associated with this condition usually continue to worsen with age, increasing in incidence to about 50% of all men by the age of 60 and up to 80% past age 70. Most physicians consider prostate health issues to be a normal consequence of aging.