Five Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Eye health is important at any age, beginning with young children. Maintaining eye health starts with scheduling regular screenings and comprehensive eye examinations. Vision screenings and eye exams are critical to detect problems like amblyopia, Read More

Is It Time for Cannabis?

Significant progress has been made in restoring the status of Cannabis as a potent therapeutic herb in the doctor’s bag, but that doesn’t mean they are any more comfortable writing that script. Medical marijuana is Read More

Four Tips to Reverse Diabetes

If not properly managed, diabetes can become a very serious and even fatal medical condition. Some of the most common long-term medical effects from diabetes include blindness, strokes and heart attacks. Although there is currently Read More

General Health Benefits of Yoga

As one of the most popular workout regimens that individuals utilize to gain flexibility, strength and even lose weight, yoga is also often used to reduce stress and allow for maximal relaxation in your daily Read More

A Surprising Cause for Larger waistlines

Higher levels of belly fat are associated with lower vitamin D levels in obese individuals, according to data presented in Barcelona at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting, ECE 2018. The study reports that Read More

How to reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Exercising more reduces the risk of diabetes and could see seven million fewer diabetic patients across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to new research. Researchers have found that higher levels of Leisure-time Physical Read More

What You Need to Know About Concussions

While millions of people recently watched, rapt, the annual Super Bowl in America, in households around the country parents are becoming increasingly worried about how often their football-playing children are suffering from knocks to the Read More

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