5 Tips for Eating on a Budget

By Kathie Swift, MS, RDN   Whether you?re a single gal in the city or a suburban mom with several mouths to feed, keeping the pantry stocked with inexpensive, truly healthy foods can be a Read More

Autism Causes, Prevention and Treatment

I first became interested in vitamin D when I learned that it is not a vitamin. Instead, it is the only known substrate of a seco-steroid neuro-hormone that functions, like all steroids, by turning genes Read More

Heart Healthy Herbs

By Beverly Yates, ND   Overall health and wellness depends, in part, on a strong, efficient heart and healthy blood vessels. When looking to maintain or improve heart health, there are some key herbs that Read More

Treating Pain at the Source

An Informed Choice for a Healthier Outcome By Aristotle Economou, DC, LAc   Oftentimes, we reach for a go-to over-the-counter (OTC) medication to cure all ailments: from headaches to joint pain to a runny nose. Read More

Health Benefits of Chromium

Chromium is a mineral the body needs in small amounts. Its primary functions are aiding digestion, promoting normal growth, and maintaining optimum health. Chromium even helps slow calcium loss associated with aging and enhances the Read More

Calcium Overdose

By Robert Thompson, MD   Many of us have been led to believe a piece of conventional ?wisdom? that is taking a significant toll on our health?especially on women and children. The conventional wisdom, more Read More

When Pain Medicine and Exercise Collide

Why NSAIDs and OTCs are not the answer By George L. Redmon, PhD, ND   Sports medicine professionals and others in the medical world continue to voice their concerns about the use of prescribed nonsteroidal Read More

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