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The environment, including the work environment, is a critical factor for both health and disease. There is clear evidence that the health effects of environmental agents and environmental degradation are serious.

Exposure assessment examines potential and actual exposures to hazardous agents through the media of food, water, air and soil or a combination of any of these four media.

Exposure to toxins has been linked to many health issues, check out this content.

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The environment we live and work in can have an impact on our health. In the field of environmental medicine physicians, look for underlying causes; they don’t just treat symptoms. They focus on recognizing, treating and preventing illnesses caused by exposure to biological and chemical triggers in air, food and water. Systemic illness caused by mold exposure, the toxins present in cleaning and other everyday products, food sensitivities and allergies, and the potential hazards of consuming genetically modified food are among the concerns and interests of those involved in environmental medicine.

Atmospheric pollution is a major problem of environment and an increasing concern for populations. It is well known that exposure to ambient air pollution increases mortality and morbidity, and shortens life expectancy. Moreover, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer are the leading causes of death worldwide while their association with environmental air pollution increases quickly. Previous studies observed a tight temporal association between exposure to air pollutants, stroke onset, and death induced by stroke.