Connecting the Senses

We can?t look inside our own ears?but if we could, we would see that what goes on in the ears is intimately connected to the nose, and what goes on in the nose is intimately Read More

Avoid Antibiotics

No one would dispute the miracles of modern medicine: surgeries performed with minimal incisions, organ transplants, limb reattachments, advances in chemotherapy, and so many lives saved by antibiotics. Just 100 years ago, 25 percent of Read More

Managing Chronic Pain Naturally

By: David Foreman, R. Ph. ?The Herbal Pharmacist?   When I ask people what is the most prevalent chronic illness, chronic pain isn?t even mentioned.? Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke are Read More

Pill Free, Pain Free

Swap your meds for these natural and effective alternatives. By Kristin Bjornsen Athletes often joke about relying on ?vitamin I,? aka ibuprofen, to get through the aches and pains of training. But they?re not the Read More

What?s My Alternative?: Chronic Pain

By Nicole Duncan For two years, Michelle Marcon suffered from constant pain because of a herniated disk in her lower back, arthritis in both hips, and bone spurs in her heels. After walking for only Read More

Chronic Disease

By James Keough Just getting older increases the levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in our bodies, even if we?re pretty careful about what we eat. And both conditions play significant roles in a whole Read More

Can ALA Ease MS Stress?

Emerging Research Suggests ?Yes? By David Coyne   Science has discovered some exciting benefits of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) for multiple sclerosis (MS).?Research conducted by Oregon University of Health and Science and published in Multiple Read More

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