4 Useful Tips for Coping with Cancer


There really is no easy way to write an article like this, but it is a topic that is incredibly important to raise awareness about, and help those struggling to cope with cancer. First and foremost, it is fundamentally important to recognize that we are all individuals, and so we all deal with different circumstances in our own way. The coping mechanism that works well for someone else getting treatment for the same form of cancer, may not work at all for you. And that is okay. So, understand that just because you are fighting the same disease as someone else, does not mean you must deal with it in the same way. thankfully, there are some useful tips for coping with cancer that tend to work more often than not (if not always). So, with that in mind, what are these useful tips?

Acknowledge how you feel

Regardless of if it is people that have Peyronie’s disease, women who are battling breast cancer, someone being treated for melanoma, or individuals with leukaemia, or any other form of cancer for that matter, coping with it can be a challenging prospect to get used to. There are often a lot of emotions to work through, and some of them are not pleasant. Do not repel these emotions, but instead acknowledge them. Perhaps write it all down as a way of personal therapy, of washing your hands of all the negative emotions that wash through you, and cataloging and holding onto the positive emotions, the hopeful ones.

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Maintain a positive outlook

Again, this might seem challenging to begin with, but ultimately your mindset can make a massive difference. This is not to say that you should mentally tap out of your grieving period; it is normal and even recommended to grief for this unexpected negative experience. But at the end of the day, you cannot control the cards you are dealt, only how you play the hand (as the saying goes). So, amid your bad days (because you will inevitably have them, we all do) strive to remain as positive as possible – this will get you through the most difficult of days.

Continue living your life & keep your support circle close

Many people let their cancer diagnosis take over their life, but instead of doing that, you should try your best to continue living your life as best and as fully as you possibly can. Travel (if possible), spend time with loved ones, keep up with your hobbies (whenever possible), and make time to focus on and treat yourself. Spending time with the ones we love most, doing the things we love most, is a remarkable therapy, in a way, and in doing this you allow yourself to maintain the same zest for life that you had before your diagnosis.

Leverage the free resources available

If nothing else, being diagnosed with cancer gives you access to a world of information about the disease, and what you can do to significantly increase your quality of life. So, make use of all these resources. Learn all you can, as much as you can, as often as you can. Coping with cancer can be frustrating, but a definitive part of that frustration is owed to not having a strong understanding of what you are going through. Utilizing the free resources will help you to better understand it in its depths, as well as the tools and skills you can take with you to initiate into your lifestyle and significantly increase your quality of life. Be kind, be well, and be educated about what is happening, so you can better combat and understand it.

Dr David Cunningham

Dr David Cunningham is a highly experienced physician who has dedicated 20 years of his life to providing direct patient care, with a focus on Mens’ Health and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

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